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Great Gift Idea! The BFG: Now Available on Blu-ray & DVD (+ Bonus Features!)


Great Gift Idea! The BFG: Now Available on Blu-ray & DVD

This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, experiences, opinions and gushy comments are 100% my own!


It’s no secret that I adore this story and I love this film. In fact, I’m thrilled to share with you that during my last visit to LA, I had the chance to visit with BFG author Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy. I will be sharing that amazing interview with you soon but today, I wanted to share with you the exciting news that The BFG is finally out on Blu-ray and DVD. Just in time for holiday gift giving!

I have actually seen this movie about five times already, once at The BFG premiere in LA and several times since and I have to tell you: Spielberg nailed it. He really got it perfect. Like really, really.


THE BFG movie brings to life a beautiful and magical story that is both simple and quite gigantic at the same time. The scenes are fantastic, probably one of the most beautiful films that I have seen. Very grand landscapes and dream scenes that will truly magnify just how far the magic of cinema has come. I ADORE this movie!! Read my entire review of The BFG here.

BFG DVDWhy You Should Buy the Blu-ray / DVD Now

This movie is a must have for your DVD collection and guess what? It’s finally available!!
You can purchase The BFG (BD + DVD + Digital HD) on Amazon right now, what a wonderful gift!
I love this movie because it’s one that you can watch over and over again and the story is so beautiful. Great family night movie as well! Plus! The bonus features!

The Bonus Features

One of the reasons that we love our Disney movie collection is because of the bonus features…so many wonderful extra nuggets. The bonus features for the BFG are no exception. My kids have gotten to where the bonus features are the first thing that they ask about when we get a new Disney movie, so much wonderful insight into these films and I think that you will especially enjoy the Gobblefunk (my kids LOVE BFG words!) and also the behind the scenes peek at Ruby Barnhill who plays Sophie is just darling. (You can also read my interview with Director Steven Spielberg and  Ruby Barnhill here)

Bonus features include:

Bringing THE BFG To Life — Take a phizz-whizzing journey through the making of the movie with Ruby Barnhill (“Sophie”)
The Big Friendly Giant And Me — A short about the friendship between the BFG and the little “bean” who lived in Giant Country before Sophie
Gobblefunk: The Wonderful Words Of The BFG — A whoopsey-splunkers tutorial on the BFG’s gloriumptious Gobblefunk
Giants 101 — Meet the frightsome giants portrayed by actors Jemaine Clement, Bill Hader and more
Melissa Mathison: A Tribute

Spielberg 7


Make sure to read my interview with Director Steven Spielberg along with cast interviews:

While I was in LA for the red carpet premiere of THE BFG I had the chance to sit down with Director Steven Spielberg and the film’s young star Ruby Barnhill (you can read that interview here.) I also had the chance to sit down with two other cast members who just so happened to have GIGANTIC roles in this film: Academy Award winner Mark Rylance who plays “The BFG” and Jemaine Clement who plays “Fleshlumpeater”. You can read my interview with Mark Rylance and Jermaine Clement here and my interview with Penelope Wilton (“The Queen”) and Rebecca Hall (“Mary”) here.


Have you read The BFG by Roald Dahl ? It’s a favorite around here. It’s SO good and when I first saw this movie poster, it was almost exactly as I had imagined it in my head. We cannot wait to see this film and I am thrilled that Disney will be bring this one to the big screen. If you want to read the book first, it’s such a great read and right now, only $5.99 on Amazon here. (*note, Amazon prices tend to change, so this might not always be the price)

And in case you want a peek at just what I’m talking about, check out this trailer for THE BFG: 

BFG Fun: Free Phizz-whizzling Activities!

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