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Give Back Box: Recycle Clothing and Household Items for Others to Reuse

Looking for a donation box service that allows you to pass along your gently used items to others? Give Back Box does just that! You can use it as a clothes donation box – or other household items – to recycle and repurpose items that you no longer need or want in your home.


GiveBackBox: Donation Box Service to Recycle Clothing and Household Items for Others to Reuse

Amazon Happy Box

Turn that Amazon Box into a Give Back Box!

An Amazon box sitting at your front door is probably a common event, right? It’s definitely a common sight around here and I’m so excited to finally have a way to turn this box into an extended life for both the box and also for products in my home that can go on to do greater things. 

But it’s not just Amazon boxes! I’m so excited to see so many other awesome brands and companies participating in this movement! 

Kohl’s Give Back Box Holiday Drop Off 

One of my favorite partnerships in the Give Back Box program is Kohl’s! You can easily fill your Amazon boxes and drop them off at your local Kohl’s store! Here are the details: 

  • Max parcel size 25 lb. and 32 x 26 x 20
  • Please donate items only new or in good condition. 
  • Most needed are clothes, shoes, accessories (anything from your closet) 
  • No glass 
  • No large or kitchen electronics – cell phones, kindle, tablets are ok.
  • No used underwear, socks etc. 
  • No used bedding, towels 
  • No books 
  • Toys in good condition or new are welcome. 
  • Give Back Box Charity Inc is a 501c3 organization.
  • Click here to get started!

After Holiday Decluttering 

With the holidays just ending, now might be the perfect time to turn all of those boxes in the recycling pile into a way to get clutter out of your house!

As part of our annual 30 day decluttering challenge (you can print the free printable here) the Give Back Box process just happens would be a perfect pairing as we are working on decluttering. 

If you do any online shopping at all, it’s a brilliant way to use all of those boxes that are coming into you home to clean out the clutter and send your used products back out to different charities so that items can be used and/or recycled! 


*Image Credit: Give Back Box

How Does Give Back Box Work? 

You unpack the items that you ordered from participating Give Back Box brands. As you can see, there are so many (and many more than pictured in the images here, so make sure to check the complete list of participating Give Back Box brands) 

Next you’ll want to obtain the FREE Give Back Box prepaid shipping label to get the box to the charity or cause of your choice. You’ll find options and suggestions on the Give Back Box site, but they do ask that you include at least 5 options and some will request seasonal products, gently used, etc. But the most important and exciting part is that there are so many ways to find purpose for items that might otherwise just be cluttering your home or end up in a landfill. 

Give Back Box Charity

Choose Your Charity 

I love that there are SO many different Give Back Box charities to choose from! 

Founded by Monika Wiela in 2012, Give Back Box is such a wonderful solution of how to recycle both unused household goods and clothing and those boxes that tend to pile up for recycling. Such a win/win! Here’s a bit more about how this idea came to be: 

Give Back Box® was founded in 2012 by Monika Wiela, who at the time was running an online shoe store. The idea was inspired by a homeless man she encountered in Chicago, who was holding up a sign saying he needed a pair of shoes. Wiela returned later that day with shoes for him, but he was gone. She spent that night thinking about what she could do with all the empty boxes in her warehouse and also help people like that man, and a new social enterprise was born. As Wiela researched further, she learned that, an estimated 11 million tons of clothing, footwear, towels, bedding, drapery, and other textiles end up in U.S. landfills every year. In addition, online shopping is now the preferred method for much of the buying public. Corrugated boxes are the dominant packaging method for e-commerce. With this knowledge, Wiela’s mission crystalized. If online retailers would use Give Back Box, shipping boxes and other items could be used a second time prior to being recycled. The impact would be remarkable.

Here’s a clip featuring Monika Wiela sharing her thoughts behind this company which will also give you a better idea of how and why this all works: 

I absolutely love that she not only saw a problem, but saw a way to help. Give Back Box was born and it’s something that we can all participate in. 

Here is a peek at just a few of the brands that are partnering with Give Back Box: 

Give Back Box Partners


replay lego recycling program

And also exciting, learn more about the Give Back Box donation program LEGO Replay!! I know many mamas wonder what to do with those thousands and thousands of LEGOS and this is an awesome solution!! 

For more information, make sure to visit the Give Back Box website

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