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Elevate by Robert Glazer (highly recommended by ME!)

Elevate by Robert Glazer

Elevate by Robert Glazer (highly recommended by ME!)

I’m so excited to share the book Elevate by Robert Glazer with you and even more excited to share that in celebration of it’s release on October 1st, you can grab the Kindle version right now for just 99¢!! (see more on that below) 

Why am I so excited about this book? For two reasons. One, it was written by my friend Bob Glazier who just so happens to be a best-selling author, speaker and the founder and CEO of a large affiliate marketing company. He’s a family man who juggles all of the things and does it well. And now he’s written a book that shares his secrets for success. 

I finished my advanced copy of Elevate in just TWO days. I couldn’t put it down. SO many ah-ha moments that really get you thinking about the things you are doing in your life that can so easily be tweaked to make a huge difference in your overall success and happiness. For example: 

Capacity Building.

Do you know where you need to invest your energy to make these a success or do you try to do everything without thinking about what actions will bring the best outcomes? 

Bob shares with us the four capacities that can truly help us understand who we are, what we want and how to get there. 

Spiritual Capacity.

What are your beliefs? What are your core values? Think about what makes you happy and in what situations you do well versus what drains you. What direction do you want you life to go in and what can you do to get there? How will you be remembered? 

Build Your Intellectual Capacity.

Are you doing things in your life to better your intellectual capacity? It’s crazy how I hadn’t really ever thought about this before in such depth. Yes, I work on improving myself all the time but this book made me realize that there are so many other areas of my life that I could improve upon. Short-term goals, long-term goals – no matter where we are in life, we should all have them. 

Physical Capacity.

Are you taking care of your mind and body or are you pushing them both to their limits? Too often, we do the later and while we think we are getting more done, we might actually be hurting ourselves in the long run. Self care is so important and Robert speaks to the importance of things like sleep and exercise to keep them mind and body running efficiently. 

Emotional Capacity.

This was probably the area that touched me the most in this book and it’s probably the area that I need the most work on in my personal life. It’s kind of a compilation of all of the points mentioned above and it really comes down to the things and people that matter the very most to you in your life, the reason that you do the things that you do and your “why” for doing them. It’s all about HOW you are managing the way you feel about things and I loved the encouragement that this book offers in terms of having the confidence to push yourself beyond your limits. We really are often held back only by our own set self-limits and ELEVATE greatly helped me to start recognizing the ways that I’ve done this in my own life. 

With endorsements by Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Kim Scott, Dr Oz and Marshall Goldsmith, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who love this book! 

Where to purchase ELEVATE Book by Robert Glazer

As mentioned above, you can pre-order Elevate Book right now on Amazon! I personally love owning the hard copy as it’s a nice sized little book, perfect for travel and gift giving. BUT if you are a Kindle reader, you can grab the Kindle version right now for ONLY 99¢ which is CRAZY good! A $1.00 investment in yourself, trust me!! 

Elevate Journal

FREE Journal with Elevate Hard Copy Book Purchase

If you purchase the hard copy version of Elevate go here to fill out this form to receive a FREE companion journal. This offer is only valid through the end of this month, September, 2019. 

Your Purchase Helps BUILD

And probably my very favorite thing about this book is that on top of everything, it has a wonderful give-back. A percentage of all proceeds of the sales of this book will go to directly benefit the life-changing work of BUILD which is an organization that helps underserved high school students get find successful paths by giving them the resources necessary for achievement in entrepreneurship, college, careers and life, through the same concept that Bob writes about in the book. It’s a fantastic partnership and another reason I’m so excited about sharing it with you! Learn more about BUILD here.

I’m sharing this book with both of my kids and it’s already opened up doors for some fantastic conversations. I highly recommend this book for you and anyone in your life who is looking to push beyond those limits and unlock success. 

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