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FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so I wanted to share these fun and FREE St. Patrick’s Day printables.

I love holiday themed activities for the kids, and you might even be able to incorporate these activities into a St. Patrick’s Day party or even space them out during the week.

Print out these fun St. Patricks Day Printables for the kids. They can learn while having fun with the addition worksheet, matching game and word practice printables.

clover countingCounting

Clover Counting FREE St. Patrick’s Day printable

Counting can be FUN! Print out this FREE St. Patrick’s Day counting printable as a counting activity for the kids!

If you want to get creative, you can even turn this into a larger activity by having the kids pick clovers during outdoor time and place each clover over the image on the counting sheets.

If you want to add to the excitement, you could provide fruit snacks (or jelly beans) that the kids can use for their “totals” and if they get the total correct, they get to eat the jelly beans!

Matching printableMatching

Matching Game FREE St. Patricks Day printable

Print out the FREE St. Patrick’s Day matching game here. Cut out each square (or you can even have the kids cut them out as part of the activity) and then turn all of the pieces down on a desk and take turns trying to select “matches” with the St. Patrick’s Day images.

This game can be played in groups, pairs or even individually.

If you play as a large group, the teacher can call out images and the kids can turn over cards in hopes of finding the image that the teacher is calling for. Individually, turn cards over in pairs of two hoping for matches.

The first one to get all 6 matches, wins!

St Patricks day WritingWriting

Word Practice FREE St. Patrick’s Day printable

Print out this fun FREE word practice printable here and kiddos can practice writing their favorite St. Patrick’s Day words!

You could pair this activity with a short story and see if the kids can include these words in their story.

These activity also great with a St. Patrick’s Day story. Here are a few of our favorites:

Looking for MORE St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Recipes? 

Saint Patricks Day Green Food

Make sure to check out my round up of GREEN Food Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day … so many good ones and perfect for celebrating the Luck of the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day

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