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DIY Picture Frame Pin Cushion

DIY Pin Cushion

If you love to sew or know someone who does, then you might enjoy making this DIY Picture Frame Pin Cushion! This would be a darling gift (very easy to ship across the miles!) and looks so lovely sitting on a sewing table or dresser. Best of all, you can make this picture frame pin cushion using less than $2 in materials and in just a few minutes. You might even have all of the materials that you need lying around the house!

This would be a wonderful project for Valentine’s Day gifts, Girl Scout crafts (think Mother’s Day!) or even a fun project for a rainy day afternoon!

DIY Pin Cushion

Supplies needed:
Small picture frame
Piece of scrap fabric
Tissue or cotton batting
Hot glue, glue gun

We found the frame we used here at Michael’s Craft store in the dollar section. For the fabric, just use a scrap you have on hand. As you can see, you only need a small portion of it to do the job.

Pin Cushion Craft

1. Begin by turning the frame over and remove the backing.
2. Cut a scrap of fabric to fit the back of the frame with a ½ inch or so overlapping.
3. Use your glue to secure the piece of fabric to the back of the frame.
4. Place a ball of batting or tissue over the fabric. Secure the back of the frame closed.
5. Turn the frame over and adjust and fluff the pin cushion as needed.

Your picture frame pin cushion is now ready to be enjoyed! Insert pins, thumb tacks, or needles so they stay safely in place and are always at your fingertips when you need them.

Gather your supplies and give this easy picture frame pin cushion craft a try. It is too simple and sweet to pass up!

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