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Disney Travel Tips: 10 Reasons to Book Your Disneyland Vacation with Get Away Today

Disney Travel Tips:
10 Reasons to Book Your Disneyland Vacation with Get Away Today

Obviously I’m a huge Disney fan but I’m also a huge fan of saving money whenever I can and advising you to do the same. Disney travel tips are my favorite and seeing as I’m going on my tenth year of blogging here at SheSaved.com and it’s really always been about saving where you can, so that you can spend on the things and moments in life that really matter.

One of the questions that I get asked most is how to save on trips to Disneyland, Disney World and other theme parks and/or travel adventures. Those are tough questions but I’m thrilled to have a good answer for you.

Planning a trip to Disneyland? SAVE money AND time by following my Disney Travel Trips!

The folks at Get Away Today offer an amazing service that not only saves you money but takes a lot of the stress out of planning a trip to Disney! I know these folks personally, and the work super hard to maintain their reputation for being not only one of the few agencies to offer discounted Disney travel, but the very best!

Here are my top 10 reasons why I think you should consider booking through Get Away Today: 

  1. It’s free. There are no handling or processing fees when you book with Get Away Today. You’ll never pay more when you book with any of their agents. Planning a Disneyland vacation can be overwhelming, so let them simplify. Head on over to the Get Away Today site here to see all of their Disney travel offerings!
  2. They know what they are talking about. Get Away Today’s agents visit their most popular destinations at least once a year. They take their staff to tour all of the hotels and attractions first-hand. It’s called their FAM Trip – and they have some great giveaways that week too. 😉
  3. They give you all of the inside information. Get Away Today’s agents are passionate about Disneyland. And, since they’ve been there so many times, they’ve picked up all sorts of tips and tricks.
  4. You get extras. If you book directly with a hotel, that’s normally all you get; a hotel room. When you book a package with Get Away Today, you get all sorts of extras. Local area coupons for up to $400 in savings, lanyards, luggage tags and printable vacation countdown chains, are just some examples and you can see more examples on the Get Away Today site here.
  5. You have an advocate. Get Away Today’s agents check-in with you while you’re on vacation to make sure everything is going smoothly. If something does go wrong on your vacation, their agents advocate in your behalf and make it right. They’re available seven days a week.
  6. You get the best price. Get Away Today negotiates directly with the hotels and attractions in Southern California. That allows them to get exclusive extras and pass additional savings onto their guests. If by some strange chance you do find something lower, their agents will beat the price.
  7. You get the best service from their agents. Their customer service agents are always winning awards, including Best of State five years in a row.
  8. You get special service from their partners. Get Away Today is tight with their hotel partners. In turn, their guests often get the VIP treatment simply because they’re Get Away Today customers.
  9. They care about your vacation as if it were their own. Get Away Today knows how important family vacations are; that’s why they founded Get Away Today in the first place.
  10. They give back. Since beginning in 1990 , they’ve raised over $3.9 million to help kids through school foundations and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Pretty cool, right!? Let me know what you find and feel free to let me know if you have any questions! I work closely with the folks at Get Away Today and they would be more than happy to assist you in planning your dream family vacation!

To get started, just head on over to the Get Away Today site here and check it out, so many great ways to save!

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