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7 Creative Educational Activities Using Jelly Beans


Looking for fun Easter Ideas? Here are some fun activities using jelly beans! Your kids will love them and they are educational too!

7 Creative Educational Activities Using Jelly Beans

Spring is the season for jelly beans, as you will see them on every store shelf and in the eyes of every child. With my 7 Creative Educational Activities Using Jelly Beans you will not only win the hearts of little jelly bean lovers, but they might also have some learning at the same time!

You can buy jelly beans for as little as a dollar a bag (sometimes even less, you smart shopper you!) making them an Easter treat that is just as frugal as it is festive. And while jelly beans are great to eat, did you know they are fun to learn with too?

Take a look below at 7 creative educational activities using jelly beans that you can try in your own home. You will never look at these colorful little beans the same again.

1. Try some pattern building.

Teaching children how to build patterns is an important math skill. Take a bowlful of jelly beans and let children start building patterns using the various colors. For example they can build a red, white, red, white pattern. Or, get more creative with a green, yellow, pink, green, yellow pink pattern!

2. Practice color sorting.

Help kids learn colors and classify them when you do some jelly bean color sorting. Give the child several small bowls and invite them to sort the jelly beans by color. This not only strengthens fine motor skills but help them learn classification as well.

3. Try some estimation skills.

Fill a jar with jelly beans and have children practice their estimation skills. Have them estimate how many jelly beans they think are in the jar. You can also have them estimate how many of each color there is as well.

4. Float or sink?

Does your child think jelly beans will float or sink? Have them make their guess then give it a try! Get a bowl of water and toss a few jelly beans in. They will love to see what happens and if their guesses are correct.

5. Jelly bean measurements.

Start measuring items using jelly beans as your unit. For example, how many jelly beans long is your arm? How many jelly beans long is your favorite doll? Measure various items around the house using the jelly beans as your unit.

6. Jelly bean flavor graph.

Interview each person in the house and see what their favorite jelly bean flavor is. You can then tally up the answers and create a graph showing the results.

7. Your name in lights… errr, jelly beans!

Let kids get creative with jelly beans and create their own works of art. It can be as simple as writing out their name in jelly beans. You can really let them get creative! Give them a piece of cardboard, some glue, and a bowl of jelly beans. Let them create collages and mosaics using the beans and their imagination.

See how fun jelly beans can be? Give these 7 educational activities using jelly beans a try!

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