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UNO Roboto Game Product Review


I love doing game reviews because it is fun for the whole family, and I also know it is something that you all enjoy!! 

We recently were asked to review the new UNO Roboto Game by Mattel. I was a bit skeptical because we LOVE Uno, and sometimes change is hard…and why change a good thing. Literally 5 minutes into this game we were laughing so hard I had tears coming out my eyes. Little Mr. Uno Robot is a hoot…and if you aren’t already having fun, he will make sure that you do! Each player says their name into a mic at the beginning of the game, and while you play, Mr. Uno Robot just might call you out and make you do something silly! We love it … very fun!!

Product Description

Game Meet the Interactive “Wild Card” That Brings UNO® To Life! Customizable game play begins with recording each player’s name and creating a totally unique “House Rule.” As you start playing cards into the head of this unpredictable little robot, he’ll surprise you by calling out Random Rules and funny phrases that change the way you play! He’ll call on you by name and tell you what to do next! He’ll announce your House Rule then everyone must race to complete it! You never know what UNO Roboto™ will say next…but no matter what he says, you still have to say “UNO!”Includes 1 UNO Roboto™ figure, 108 cards and instructions.



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  1. I just love being able to spend time together as a family. Because my kids are 8 years apart, it’s hard to find things that both kids enjoy doing together……family game night is one of their favorite things to do too.

  2. It makes for a fun experience where we can not only be a bit competitive but have some down time to talk about whatever we want (while not getting bored/having awkward silences thanks to the games)

  3. The best thing about playing games with the family is the fact that we are together making memories that will last forever!

  4. My fav thing about playing games with my family is enjoying each others company with no tv, cell phones, or distractions!

  5. I just found your site and I can’t wait to check everything out. I signed up for your newsletter and liked you on FB. Our family has family fun night every Friday, the kids look foward to it and it gives us a great opportunity to connect with our children in this hectic world we live in.

  6. I love that we are not only spending time together but we are also all thoroughly enjoying what we are doing!

  7. i love playing games with my family because not only is it entertaining, but it teaches my kids how to win and lose

  8. I love playing games with my family because it allows me to have fun with my kids! I remember wishing my parents would have played games with me more often as a child, so I make a conscious effort to do that with them as often as I can!

  9. My favorite thing is that even though my kids are 16, 10, & 5 we can all play games like UNO together and everyone laughs and has fun

  10. I love seeing how my kids have their own way to figuring out how to win the game. It reminds me how different they are but when they put their ideas together they can figure the games out.

  11. I absolutely love family game nights because our children are so busy that we don’t get much time to connect as a family. Our daughter is 16 and our son is 10 but both of them are on various sports teams not to mention our daughter is also on the debate team, forensics league, and works part-time. So this is one night every other week (sometimes weekly if our schedules allow) that we can connect with each other and just enjoy the time we have together 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Kelly Burroughs Crowell

  12. Family games are just a great way to laugh and make memories. I remember playing games as a child with my family!!! Nothing like it!

  13. I love playing games with my daughter because I feel like she learns so much from them and she adores the mommy time!

  14. Playing games is just something we have always done. We enjoy games that don’t require everyone to sit around a table, and usually end up changing the rules to accomodate this.

  15. What I like best is that we are all together, having fun, talking and laughing and getting along. Good quality time

  16. I love it because it’s something that we all can really enjoy together. My husband and I love playing Uno just as much as my 2 year old does!

  17. UNO is our favorite game to play! I love playing games with my family because of all the laughs we share and memories we make.

  18. My favorite part about playing games with the family is that we are all giving each other our full attention and having a blast!

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