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Garden Tip: How to Keep the Birds Out of Your Strawberry Patch

Wondering how to keep birds out of your strawberry patch? I’ve finally found a cheap affordable and easy solution to keeping pesky birds out of my berry patches and garden. 

how to keep birds out of strawberry patch

How to Keep the Birds Out of Your Strawberry Patch

I’m not the world’s best gardener, but I do have quite a berry patch!

This year, my strawberries came back bigger and healthier than ever, so imagine my panic when I started finding little birdies nibbling on my berries!

Well, I am happy to say, that I found a very inexpensive and easy fix!

Wondering how to keep the birds out of your strawberry patch?

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 3.31.43 PMThe man at the garden center recommended this 7-Foot by 20-Foot Bird-X Net and the reviews are AMAZING! You might also be able to find these at your local garden center.

This was so easy to set up, and best of all… it works! The birds won’t come near it, but I love that the bees can still get through because we love our bees around here!

I actually have these nets covering my raspberries and blueberries too … and you really don’t notice them, unless you are up close.

About: Protects fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables from thieving birds, squirrels, rabbits and other garden pests. This tough, durable polypropylene bird netting mesh is considered the “ultimate protection” by gardening authorities. 3/4″ mesh provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals.

I haven’t had too much trouble with birds or any other creatures invading our other garden spaces but they sure took a liking to our strawberry patch.

Since it happens to be my very favorite part of our garden, I’m so happy that we found this solution for keeping the birds out of our strawberries. 

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Like I mentioned above, I’m not master gardener, but I do love our little garden spaces and over the years, we’ve kind of perfected the way we do things and the bounty of fruits and veggies that we enjoy from gardening each year. 

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

Things to Bake with Berries from Your Garden

The most wonderful thing about growing berries, is baking with them! Now that you’ve mastered the art of keeping the birds out of your berry patch, you can focus on enjoying the fruits of your labor!

This Mini Strawberry Pie recipe if one of our favorites and one that I make all summer long. 

Also popular with my family are these Watermelon Strawberry Popsicles, another yummy summer treat made with berries from your garden.

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