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Making Green Slime with the Steve Spangler Green Slime Science Kit


Making Green Slime with the Steve Spangler Green Slime Science Kit

Oh my goodness we had so much fun with this!! Do your kids love science? Mine do, especially when the details are all lined out for them and all supplies come packaged together in one box. Oh wait! I guess it’s me that loves that part!

Here’s a peek at our time playing with the Steve Spangler Science Green Slime kit.



It’s really so easy. I love that my kids were able to follow the super simple directions to create some really cool slime. (so cool in fact, that they have been making it by the bag full to share with friends – it’s a hot item!) This would be such a fun activity for a Halloween or classroom party, especially since you can divide it up into units easily based on measurements.

We had so much fun making this green slime, here’s a short video that will give you a peek at our green slime adventure:

These two budding your scientists give it FOUR slimy thumbs up!


Where to purchase? 

This science kit and more can be purchased on the Steve Spangler Science page. They have SO many cool things!

Steve SpanglerHalloween Science Party
If you were invited to Steve Spangler’s house on Halloween, you would be entertained and amazed by these Halloween favorites. Designed for the home or school party, the kit features 13 spooky experiments that fizz, pop, scream, smoke, bubble and erupt into an unforgettable Halloween experience. Invite your guests to whip up their own batch of ghoulish green slime to take home while entertaining themselves for hours with screaming balloons, smoking bubbles, stringy vampire veins, vanishing ghost poop and a specimen jar filled with pickled body parts.

Slime Classroom Kit
It’s gooey, slippery, sticky, really slimy and kids go crazy for any teacher who makes slime. Throw a slime day and you’ll be an instant hit. But don’t forget that there’s learning underneath all of the stirring and mixing. Making slime is a great way to learn about concepts like states of matter, cross-linking of polymers, material synthesis, chemical bonding and more. Try your hand at using slime as a writing prompt to get those creative ideas flowing. This kit comes with everything you need to make 64 ounces of the best slime on the market today. You’ll also receive 24 mixing cups, stirring sticks and zip-lock bags for students to take home their perfect batch of slime.

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