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New Product Review: Rubba Ducks!

Rubba Ducks

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Introducing Rubba Ducks! We recently reviewed these fun ducks and aside from being super fun and creative and AWESOME in the bath tub, here are a few fun facts:

·         It’s all in the details. These ducks are chock full of elements, from vibrant colors to ornate sculpturing to decorative costumes and designs. You’re going to love them!

·         They Float Upright. All.The.Time. Rubba Ducks are designed with weights at the bottom so they will always float upright! Try it in your own sink/bathtub/pool!

·         The ‘Hole’ Story. Most rubber ducks have a hole in the bottom which, when used in the bathtub can retain mold. Not Rubba Ducks! There is no hole in the bottom so NO MOLD!

Disney Fans! Rubba Ducks in the Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs! 

You can now find Rubba Ducks in the Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs! There are new ducks swimming around there and it’s not Donald! In a move that would make Disney’s famous duck proud, Rubba Ducks, the premiere rubber duck toys with personality, has aligned with The Boathouse in Disney Springs in an exclusive deal.

Boathouse Rubba Ducks

Rubba Ducks The ducks are super cute and lots of fun to collect and give as gifts. They were founded in 1997, and was the first company to bring character rubber ducks to life. What’s special about these ducks is that they are uniquely designed to communicate their individual personality and characters. While there are the traditional-themed ducks dressed as police, firemen, sports and animals, these ducks go a step further in incorporating specialized hobbies and interests like a train con’duck’tor, a marathon runner duck,  a ‘groovee’ duck, and even a duck who loves a good cappuccino, among many, many others.

In addition to the variety, each of the Rubba Ducks is adorned with a tattoo on its tail feathers reflecting its unique personality, and their own hatch date and engaging bio found on their trading cards.

Where to purchase? You can purchase Rubba Ducks online in the Rubba Duck store OR as I mentioned above, you can see them in the Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs!

There are so many different designs, something for everyone and who doesn’t love a Rubba Duck in the tub??

Get Your  ‘feet wet’ with Rubba Ducks® socials as follows:

Visit the RubbaDucks website!
Facebook: RubbaDucks
Instagram: @rubbaducksworld
Twitter: @rubbaducks
Pintrest: @rubbaducks
YouTube: @rubbaducks

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