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howdy boyStandlee Hay Company | Product Review

This is a sponsored post, and these opinions are my own.

<—-Meet Howdy. Howdy is our geriatric pony. He’s tall for a pony, and smart too. Smart as a whip. We love him dearly…. but he is old. We are not sure exactly how old, but we know that he’s over 30 (and that’s getting up there in horse years)… but he’s still going strong! This past winter was a bit tough on him though, so for the first time ever, we had him blanketed all winter, and we brought some new food products into his diet to help keep some meat on his bones.

My kids love Howdy. He is so good with them, and he has been around the block enough to handle pretty much every situation. Howdy is as calm as a cucumber. Like any aging creature though, he does require special care to keep him healthy. His teeth are not that good anymore and he moves a bit slower than he used to. We do all that we can to keep him happy and healthy because he is a big part of our lives!

I was recently introduced to the Standlee line of quality horse feed products. I gladly accepted the offer to review these items and I am so glad that I did! First of all, I had NO idea what a huge variety of products that Standlee makes! We took a trip to our local feed store (D&B Supply) and I was impressed to see that they have a large area in the back of the store that is filled with many different kinds of Standlee feed and hay products. standlee 2

standlee 1

standlee 3

For Howdy, I selected some Alfalfa Hay Cubes and I also decided to try something new for him, these Beet Pulp Shreds. I wasn’t sure what he would think, but it turns out he loves them, and that’s a good thing because this is a great supplement which includes a highly digestible fiber, which he needs. He seems to be thriving on it, and he gets pretty excited to get his bucket of cubes and pulp shreds each day! I am very happy with how well he is doing on these products, and I am also very happy with the prices!

standlee 4And guess what? Standlee products are produced right here in my home state of Idaho! You can read more of the company story here, but here’s a bit about the company:

The Standlee Hay Company proudly produces premium quality western hay forages and hay forage products to distributors, feed and farm stores and other retail dealers across the United States. The Standlee Hay Company offers a complete line of baled hay forages, bagged forage products and other fine products to make consumers feel confident that they are selecting hay forage products that are Pure, Natural and Nutritious for their animals.

One thing that I really love about the Standlee product line is that they offer a huge variety, so you have many selections when trying to fit each individual horse’s nutritional needs. They have a very helpful website that can answer just about every question that you might have; how much to feed, where to purchase, etc.

And here’s the REAL reason that we love to keep Howdy healthy and happy… because we so enjoy our time with him, and we hope for many more wonderful adventures with our Howdy boy:


howdy 2

If you have any horses in your life (or pasture!)  … then you will want to make sure to check out the Standlee Hay Company website to see the closest retailer to you.

*Disclosure: I did receive Standlee products to facilitate my review, these opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.


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