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Disney Travel: Reasons to Take a Disney Cruise in 2017

If you are considering a 2017 Disney Cruise, here are some great reasons to get that trip booked!

Note From Keri Lyn ~ You all know how much I love Disney, so I’m really excited to share with you this wonderful guest post from my friend Alisha Molen who not only loves Disney but is pretty well versed in the world of Disney cruising. In today’s guest post she shares some wonderful reasons to take a Disney Cruise in 2017! 

Perhaps you’ve been considering a Disney Cruise family vacation in 2017? I don’t blame you!

I sing it loud and clear to everyone that will listen: Disney Cruise is the best vacation experience for families. And the cruise line has added some fresh magical elements for 2017.

Here are a few of the new wonders that Disney Cruises will share with us this year.

Star Wars Day At Sea

Introduced in 2016, Disney Cruise added a lot more “Star Wars Day At Sea” events to their 2017 sailings.

What happens at a Star Wars Day:

  • A deck party with famous Star Wars characters, complete with fireworks. Want to dance with C3PO? Here’s your chance
  • Onboard “Jedi Training” lessons
  • The kids clubs host Star Wars-themed games, crafts, and activities
  • Both scheduled and surprise “Meet and Greets” with Star Wars characters. Bring your camera and autograph book.
  • Onboard food and drink is Star Wars themed (how does “Yoda Pappardelle Pasta” sound?)
  • Screenings of Star Wars films
  • Guests are invited to wear costumes if they like. (My husband is encouraging me to wear Princess Leia Buns…)

Note, this isn’t on every cruise. In 2017, the Star Wars Day at Sea is available on select Caribbean sailings from January thru April.

Marvel Day At Sea

For the first time ever, select sailings of the Disney Magic cruise ship will feature a day devoted to everyone’s favorite superheros. The Marvel Day at Sea will take place on select sailings in October and November this year and January-April in 2018.

What happens at a Marvel Day at Sea:

  • Get your photo taken with Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America and other heroes
  • Trivia games, activities, and crafts will be hosted all day for both kids and families
  • The kids clubs will host the Avengers Academy where, I assume, they will train them to save the world while telling witty jokes
  • The day ends with a deck party featuring fireworks, dancing, and lots of Marvel villians and heroes

New Frozen Musical

2017 will be the first full calendar year of Disney Cruise Line’s new musical: “Frozen, A Musical Spectacular.”

The new musical debuted for the first time in late 2016, but is now the anchor performance for all sailings of the Disney Wonder ship. The Walt Disney Theatre on board seats 977 and the stage is set up to accommodate Broadway-level performances.

The popular songs “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love is an Open Door” are expanded into gorgeous ensemble performances, and “In Summer” and “Fixer Upper” are converted into lavish production numbers.

The big moment, of course, is when “Let it Go” turns into a spectacle. The scenery transforms before your eyes, the video elements are incredible, and of course, the snow flurries. Oh…the snow flurries!

New Itineraries

Disney Cruise Line added a few new destinations to their 2017 itineraries.

This year will mark the first time that Disney is cruising to:

  • Alaska’s Icy Strait Point and Hubbard Glacier (July on the Disney Wonder)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (May, June on the Disney Magic)
  • Stonehenge – well, technically Portland, England (June on the Disney Magic)

Also, they introduced some longer cruises to the south Caribbean. Here’s what’s new:

  • 10-night itinerary that visits Aruba, Curacao, St. Kitts, Tortola and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay (June on Disney Fantasy)
  • 11-night itinerary that visits Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, St. Kitts, Tortola and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay (June on Disney Fantasy)


Disney Cruise expert Alisha Molen is obsessive about helping people discover all the secrets that will make their Disney dream vacations even more magical. She recently produced the largest list of Disney Cruise tips on the planet. She lives in Arizona with her husband Matt and her three kids.

Her site is PicturetheMagic.com and you can also find her on Pinterest.

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