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CARS 3 is Ready to Roll Out + a Tour of Pixar Animation Studios


CARS 3 is Ready to Roll Out + a Tour of Pixar Animation Studios

Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, opinions and character crushes are 100% my own!

Are you ready for this? I’m so exited to share that as part of my coverage of the upcoming release of Disney Pixars CARS 3 on June 16th I was able to spend some time on the Pixar campus and let me tell you, it’s a truly fascinating place!!

Buckle up and start your engine for a tour around the Pixar campus and through a few of the Pixar buildings as I show you some of my favorite sightings:

I literally couldn’t keep up with all of the little hidden characters, but here is one of my favorites. Look who I spotted peeking down over the Pixar campus:

Can you spot the hidden character above in the flooring? That’s one thing that I love about Pixar, there are hidden little surprises everywhere you look! And speaking of surprises, look who I spotted creeping around the brick:

One of my favorite things on the Pixar campus was their trophy case. Tucked proudly in with their countless awards and Oscars was this lone little worn and tattered Woody doll. He was sent to John Lasseter after being loved (hard) for years by a little boy named Caleb.

The letter was sent in by a Disney Cast Member, and it reads: “…we had a young child about 6-year-old by the name of Caleb come into City Hall at Magic Kingdom Park. He brought us his well played with Woody Doll. You see, his parents bought him a new one and he wanted his first one to have a great new home and to spend infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear. We felt it was appropriate to share him with you. As you can see he has been loved very much over the years. Thank you for giving everyone great characters that have heart.” He now rests at Pixar in the trophy cabinet as a reminder of all that he stands for, and it is said that John Lasseter occasionally takes him out for speaking engagements.

And as if working at Pixar would not be exciting enough, the campus is gorgeous and full of exciting ways to break up your work day. How about a game of basketball in the golden California sunshine?

Or, better yet… take an afternoon swim in the pool on your lunch break?

Such a fantastic place, and it really all goes back to the visions that Steve Jobs had when he purchased the Computer Division from George Lucas back in the 1980s and established the group as the independent company, Pixar. Only about 40 people were employed there at that time, and it was then that Pixar and Disney begin collaboration on CAPS, the Computer Animation Production System. This system was truly what revolutionized traditional animated films and set them on the path to the amazing work that we enjoy today. One of my favorite little tidbits of information about Pixar? The very first client check that was written to Pixar after its incorporation was from from Disney. And now, just look at how far they’ve come. So many wonderful films have been born out of this fantastic partnership, and so many more to come! CARS 3 promises to be no exception, and I can’t wait for it to be released!!

This was such a fantastic experience and a neat glimpse into the creative world from which so many of our favorite movies come. If I was younger, I would have definitely had a career in animation on my radar. If you or someone that you know might be inclined to go down that path, have them check out the Pixar Career Opportunities to see if anything catches their eye. A job at Pixar would definitely be worth working for!

Here are some fun photos of myself and the other 23 bloggers that joined in on this venture:

Official CARS 3 Trailer

Just to get your excitement flowing… here’s a peek at CARS 3:

Mark your calendars!! CARS 3 hits theaters June 16th, 2017!


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