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Percy Jackson & the Olympians DIY Gem Goblet Craft


DIY Gem Goblet Craft

Percy Jackson & the Olympians DIY Gem Goblet Craft

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Disney Book Group. All opinions are 100% my own.

Cheers to summer reading!! A few weeks ago I shared with you that my daughter was diving into the Percy Jackson & the Olympians boxed book set. Since school got out, she’s had her nose in one of these books every spare second she can find and as of last night, she just completed book 2: The Sea of Monsters. 

Her older brother was also huge fan of this series, and it’s been really fun to hear the two of them talk about the characters. I love books that not only stir up the imagination, but also encourage conversation. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the messages and comments that so many of you sharing how much your kids enjoy these books, they are wildly popular! It’s not wonder then that this 5-book series has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 500 weeks! 

I’m at that point of parenting where I’m really doing whatever I can to stay connected to my kids. I love to see my daughter reading her books, and it was so great to see her jump at my suggestion that we create a craft project inspired by the second book in this series. 

She was so excited and off to the Dollar Store we went! 

Book 2: The Sea of Monsters

Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson the Cyclops face the dangers of the Sea of Monsters to save Grover from an unfortunate marriage and the camp from being overrun by monsters. And throughout, Percy questions whether being claimed as Poseidon’s son is an honor or simply a cruel joke.

Percy Jackson Book Set

My daughter knew immediately that she wanted to do something that represented Percy’s sea adventures and the color blue (Percy’s favorite color!) so we went on a fun trip to the dollar store that cost us a whopping $3: $2 spent on supplies and $1 spent on a blue Gatorade drink. Priceless really because we had a blast walking around the store brainstorming ideas and I enjoyed the time we had together as she put her plan into action. 

It turned out to be really fun (and super affordable) so I’m excited to share it with you guys! 

Goblet Craft

What You’ll need to make this gem goblet craft: 

Clear plastic goblet (we purchased a 2-pack at the Dollar Store for $1)
Clear Blue Glass Gems (also $1 at the Dollar Store) 
Glue Gun 

Making a Gem Goblet

Making a Gem Goblet

As you can see, this is an easy project and makes for a really fun activity. Crafting is a great way to spend time with your kids, especially those tweens and teens. 

Percy Jackson Craft project

Making homemade goblets

Percy Jackson Goblet

This project literally takes minutes to make, but is so simple that it’s easy to enjoy, which made it a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. 

Gem Goblet Craft

I was really impressed with how the finished product turned out!! To make this an official Percy Jackson goblet, she served us blue Gatorade on ice, and it looked so pretty in these goblets. 

Encouraging kids to read in the summer

I had such a fun time sharing this activity with my daughter and I also loved that it was all inspired by a book series. 

Make sure to check out Read Riordan to discover even more wonderful books, activities and information for young readers! You won’t believe the large amount of books and characters in Riordan’s ever-expanding universe, as well as in his imprint Rick Riordan Presents, which publishes middle-grade authors from underrepresented cultures and backgrounds with the intention of highlighting cultures and mythologies from around the world.

Three Cheers for Summer Reading!

Now THREE cheers for summer reading, which is exactly how many books she has left in this series since she just finished the second book. What are YOUR kids reading this summer? 

Percy Jackson book 2



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