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How to Make EASY Pizzas with the Kids

.I made an amazing discovery last night. Normally, our day runs pretty smoothly until it is time for me to make dinner…and then things seem to fall apart. The kids are hungry, they are anxious for daddy to get home, I am frazzled… “out of the kitchen!“, I holler!

But last night, I tried something different. We made dinner TOGETHER!

The menu was homemade pizza … and we had a ball!

I made one large pizza, and gave them each their own dough ball to make their own….. and we kept things REALLY simple.

For Starters, you’ll add pizza sauce.

Lots and lots of pizza sauce.
Then comes the cheese, ya gotta have cheese! (just ask little sissy, her pizza was all about the cheese)

Next comes the ham. I have started doing something new the past few months because I have been finding hams marked down at our local Albertsons (due to close exp. dates) I paid only $7 and change for the last one!

So I bring them home, bake them, and then my hubby seals them into individual freezer packets so that we can take them out as we need them. This works great for breakfast because it is just the perfect size for Ham & Eggs for our family. (and it gives us a LOT of ham that lasts quite a while) And it is also perfect for when we make …. Pizza!

Next add the Ham and then next comes the pineapple. Now we are ready for the oven.

20 minutes later (we do a really thin crust, so it doesn’t take long) and we have finished pizzas!


And here is a little secret. Normally, I make my own dough (or use the bread maker to make it) but for this project, I brought in a little helper, just to keep things simple. Only 49cents a box, this stuff comes in really handy for fun projects like this!

And the end result…success!! (plus…they had made their own dinners!!)

It was fun, relaxing and yummy!!

Keri Lyn
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  1. Looks like fun to me, I remember those days. We always enjoyed homemade Pizza ;0
    Your kids are darling, reminds me of you when you were little !!

  2. Precious! We make pizza together sometimes, too! My girls LOVE rolling that dough! I did not know about the Jiffy pizza crust mix, though! Like the price – good to know!! Thanks for your site! I love all the deals you post!

  3. smart woman, you are! when kids are helping, they don’t have time to whine or be cranky….and you got help with getting supper ready 🙂 !!!

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