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Organizing Life: Bloom Planner Pads Back in Stock!

Bloom Daily PlannerYay! I mentioned earlier in the year that I love my Bloom planner pads and then they quickly went out of stock (boo!). Many of you have since asked me about them and I just got notification that not only are they back in stock, but the price is lower (yay!)!

Last year, I challenged myself to daily goals, 3 per day. I LOVED this system, and while I admit that I feel off of it somewhere around May, I picked it up again in late November and quickly realized how much I had missed it.

This Bloom Planning System Tear Off To Do Pad is perfect for the THREE things a day goal because it puts those three things right at the top of the list so that they can be your main focus for the day. 

Even better, theBloom Planning System Tear Off To Do Pad is under $11 shipped right now! Plus, don’t just take my advice, check out these other reviews, people love these pads!

Why do I think the three goals per day thing works? It doesn’t matter if one of the three things is as simple as getting something to the dry cleaners OR as big as finally calling someone to come out and fix the garage door that hasn’t been working right. The end result is that whatever your THREE things are, this gives you a clear shot at getting them done and helps you to prioritize. PLUS, if you don’t get any of them done in this day, they can go to the top of the list tomorrow.

This system is SO much less overwhelming for me than a day planner, but I also use one of those too. We also use a family wall calendar in our kitchen, but this tear sheet really helped me with the things that were pressing in each individual day.

Another thing that I love about this pad is that it even has a space for things that you are grateful for. Filling out that space each morning can bring quite a bit of peace to your heart, especially if the rest of your to-do list for that day is full. There is even a spot on this sheet for recording how many glasses of water that you have consumed in a day. (I love this feature!)
I should also note that I also use a yearly planner as well but these sheets are so less overwhelming and they help me to keep my days at a quick and do-able glance!

It’s never too late to try to get organized!

Sometimes it seems like January is not my month for organization and honestly, I feel like I kind of really get going in February and then seem to really get on the ball in March. Hey, I march to my own drum over where, what can I say 🙂
Here are a few other options for calendar and time organization:


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