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Hatchimals Surprise Unboxing + Watch it HATCH

Hatchimals Surprise Unboxing + Watch it HATCH

*Disclosure: I did partner with GameStop to bring you this information and we did receive this product from them to facilitate our review. These opinions are my own and were not influenced by another person.

We are SO excited to share with you our review and unboxing (and hatching!!) of the newest addition to the Hatchimals family … meet Hatchimals Surprise!

I want to make sure and clearly point out that we did NOT review Hatchimals last year. First of all, I could never get my hands on them and I never review something that I haven’t reviewed myself first. Second of all, I try to avoid the crazy things that happen when we see a hot toy that no one can get their hands on, so for those reasons we were not writing about Hatchimals last year but THIS year, we got the inside scoop early and I’m so glad we did!

Our friends at GameStop asked us to review these for today’s release date and we jumped at the chance and I will admit, I wasn’t overly optimistic about them. In fact, I was really prepared to be disappointed, but as you can see in our unboxing video below, this year the Hatchimals Surprise doesn’t disappoint and I can recommend this toy with confidence. I think you are getting a nice quality product here!

Plus, this year Hatchimals hatch out with a BIG surprise (literally!) … the Hatchimals Surprise Egg egg includes TWINS!! 

Where to purchase?

If you think this is a product that you want, I highly recommend getting it now to avoid all of the crazy. Amazon is already listing these at over $150 (which is insane!) BUT you can buy Hatchimals Surprise right now for list price of $69.99 at GameStop.

If you know that you want this, I think I would purchase now and be done with the holiday frenzy of trying to find these because while I really didn’t expect to be recommending these, they really are a neat toy. My daughter has been enamored with them since the moment we opened the box (I am currently rocking one, as it got a cold… poor thing!) and I have been very impressed with the product you are getting here.

I would also guess that the brand works out some of the kinks that we heard about last year as our unboxing and opening went off without a hitch, and so far, this product has been all of the things that my daughter would want it to be, and I have to admit, I’m a bit smitten myself!

The entire process from start to finish was hilarious and exciting and I just love how smoothly it went. *I have to admit here too that we didn’t read the instructions first, I just kind of let my daughter go with the flow as I figure many kids might be doing that on Christmas morning. We were able to unbox our egg and she tapped, rocked and played with her egg until it hatched on it’s own and as the result, she’s been playing with her two Hatchimals ever since. Here is she reading about how to care for them:

Hatchimals Surprise Unboxing + Watch it HATCH

Without further ado, I bring your our unboxing of Hatchimals Surprise so that you can see first hand what this product and process looks like. SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to see the actual HATCH then don’t don’t watch past 6 minutes into the video (or skip past that to see the end result, but maybe you don’t want to see that either, it’s all an exciting surprise) BUT if you want to get a look at how this whole thing works, we caught it all on film here:

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