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Quality Time: Omaha Steaks Family Dinner for the Win

Ask any mom what she wants MORE of and I’ll bet you that TIME is in the top five. It definitely is for me. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done and when it comes right down to it, the thing that I’m always short on, is time. Time to play with the kids. Time to watch a movie with the family. Time to just hang out and spend TIME.

Quality Time: Omaha Steaks Family Dinner for the Win

Disclosure: I am working in partnership with Omaha Steaks as an ambassador. I am compensated for sharing this information with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago we had the chance to enjoy an Omaha Steaks hosted meal with my brother and his adorable family. We had a blast preparing it (literally in less than a half hour!) thanks to how easy Omaha Steaks makes it to prepare a quality and delicious meal without all the worry and fuss. Our time with “the cousins”, as we call them, is never long enough so the fact that meal prep wasn’t a huge issue meant that we had more TIME to enjoy each other and the conversations.

It all got me to thinking about what is really important when it comes to a quality family meal. Quality, obviously. And price. But convenience is also a huge factor and it’s rare to find quality, price AND convenience all in the same product. However, that’s what we love about Omaha Steaks. They’ve managed to perfect this trio of important factors and that’s one of the reasons that I’m so impressed with this brand.

If you are thinking of ways to make Mother’s Day special this year, you might just consider ordering one of the many Omaha Steaks Family Meal options. They have many to choose from and it’s a brilliant way to put together a wonderful family meal, without sacrificing the time (and let’s be honest, expense!) of spending the day in the kitchen “hoping” that your meal comes together.

With Omaha Steaks Create Your Own Meal and Custom Menu options, it’s really that simple! Everything from skillet meals, slow cooker meals and even oven ready meals, they have it! They have easy to follow instructions that come with their packaging and a ton of resources on the Omaha Steaks website to walk you though everything.

There are a few sides that I often order as add-ons. They are Omaha Steaks Glaized Rainbow Carrots (so so SO good!!!), Potatoes Au GratinOmaha Steaks Irish Soda Bread Rolls (my new favorites!!) and of course my very favorite Omaha Steaks dessert: Caramel Apple Tartlets… YUM!!

I’ve visited the Omaha Steaks facilities myself and I am so proud to be an ambassador for this brand. The attention to detail and the care and thought that goes into getting this product sourced from farms to the packing facility and straight to your freezer is all something that matters to me, and I’m sure that it matters to you as well.

And, make sure to check out my post about how to set a lovely holiday meal table on the cheap! A great way to host your holiday meal without breaking the bank!

Looking for a neat way to make Mother’s Day special? 

What really matters the very most to me is time with the ones I love. I don’t know any mom that would disagree with that. Admittedly, life gets in the way far too often and times like this are fewer and farther between. SO, when we do get those chances to sit down and enjoy the company of the ones that we love, it’s things like Omaha Steaks that make all the difference in the experience and the TIME that we have with each other.


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