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“Teachers Totally Rule” Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea + FREE Printable

FREE Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

“Teachers Totally Rule” Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea + FREE Printable

How cute is this!? This is a fun “Teachers Totally Rule” teacher appreciation gift idea that includes a “You Totally Rule” FREE printable to help you make a cute (and super affordable) gift for your favorite teacher. Fill the little handmade pockets with notes, or you could even tuck in fun coupons, jokes or poems.

This might be a fun activity to do as a group or individually and a really neat way to share some sweet thoughts with your favorite teacher.

Most importantly, this fun teacher appreciation gift idea will show your teacher just how much you care because you took the time to assemble such a neat an unique gift! Of course, you can use this fun technique make many other gifts, and instead of using our free printable, you could just write your own.


“Teachers Totally Rule” Printable print it here.

  • Three craft paper sheets of your choice
  • Small stickers of your choice
  • Plain white paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Glue Stick


Print the “Reasons Why You Totally Rule” FREE Teacher Appreciation Printable.

2. Using your scissors, cut your craft paper into 6 total (2 of each color) 3” by 3” squares.

3. Take one square and fold two parallel corners to meet in the middle.

4. Repeat with the next two parallel corners to create an envelope.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for the remaining 5 squares. 6.

Glue your squares onto the printable in your desired location.

7. Using your scissors, take your plain white paper and cut 6 total 3” by 3” squares.

8. Using your pen and paper squares, write down 6 different reasons why your teacher totally rules!

9. Fold and place your reasons into your envelopes.

10. Secure the envelope flaps with your stickers and give to your favorite teacher!

The whole point of a gift like this is to show someone that you put in both the time and thought in creating something that will make them smile, and know that you were thinking of them. With each little note expressing how you feel, the process of opening them will be fun and really be a kind gesture to show how much you appreciate all that they do for you.

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We had so much fun with this craft that we turned it into a fun tutorial so that you can see the process for yourself:

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