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Movie Review | Disney Pixar Monsters University #MonstersUPremiere

Monsters U

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Movie Review | Disney Pixar Monsters University #MonstersUPremiere

Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, experiences and monster crushes are 100% my own!

<—- My ticket to the world premiere of Monsters University. Ticket in hand, and just a little bit giddy, (ok, a LOT giddy), I made my way up to the balcony seating in the infamous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. No pressure at all for this movie to live up to all of the hype, right? (In case you missed, you can read my earlier post about the exciting tailgate party that I attended prior to this movie screening.)

Soooooooooo. I will confess. I went into this venture with really high hopes for this movie. I mean, aside from all of the hype… Monsters Inc is definitely one of our favorites. I’ve seen it at least 50 times and could watch it again right now and enjoy every minute of it. So, the pressure was a little bit on for Monsters University to live up to my expectations.

Monsters University takes us back to the earlier days of Sulley and Mike’s friendship, and unveils for us a little bit more about each of them. The story takes us through the ups and downs of their relationship, some of which I think will surprise you! (For example, I was shocked to find out who Mike’s first dorm mate was, and you probably will be too!) From the very beginning, this movie addresses insecurities in each character, and I think that most people will relate to many of the issues that they each dealt with as they tried to find their place in the world and they each struggle to fit in.

Because I already felt pretty connected to these characters (and you might feel the same) it did tug on my heart strings a bit to watch them struggle in the beginning, and it reminded me of parenting. You want the very best for your child, but you can’t always control how things come together. Sometimes they have to find their way on their own, and that is how I felt watching these two monsters work their way through their insecurities as they struggled with everything from school work to making friends. In true Disney fashion, this all unfolds in a hilarious and heartwarming style!

I am always a sucker for underdogs, and this movie has no shortage of them! The charming characters of Oozma Kappa will steal your heart and you will find yourself cheering them on every step of the way! I love the message that this type of movie sends to my children. Because movies like this reinforce valuable lessons, like the message that being different is ok, in fact… it’s something to celebrate. And that true friendship isn’t just valuable, it’s priceless. And  that doing the right thing, is always the right thing to do. You get the idea. Good stuff here.


Pledge Oozma Kappa. Not the coolest kids on the block, but trust me, they will win your heart. One thing that really stands out to me in these movies is the fact that while some of the characters look a bit strange in the beginning, you grow to love them as you get to know them… because you start to love the character. Yet, the bad guys, they never really grow on you, because…well, they are bad guys! This movie will have you and your children laughing out loud and cheering for the monsters of Oozma Kappa as they set out to prove that a little determination and teamwork can go a long way!

I don’t want to give too much about this movie away, but I will tell you that I really enjoyed this film, and got the biggest kick out of the fun characters and personalities. Trust me, you too will be a true blue fan of MU by the end of this movie!

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Go MU!! And… just a reminder that this movies hits theaters today, June 21st!! 

Thanks to the folks at Disney for this wonderful and unforgettable experience, something I will never forget!

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