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Minted Holiday Cards: SO Easy!

*Disclosure: I work in partnership with Minted.com and was compensated for sharing this information with you. This is truly the card company that I use each year and these are 100% my own thoughts and opinions, and they were not swayed in any way by another person.

Minted Holiday Cards

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet? It’s a tradition that I love, but also find a bit challenging. I have the hardest time deciding on what our cards will look like. 

Why send out Christmas cards? 

Because I love everything about this Christmas tradition. I love sending them. I love receiving them. I love updates from family and friends and I love seeing photos of families from across the miles, and even from across the street!

It’s such a great way to stay connected to family and friends. Of course, my list has changed over the years and I think that’s all part of the beautiful journey of life. Old friends, new friends … and all of the ones in between. The reason that I love to send out Christmas cards is because they keep me connected to those I can about, even if it’s just through holiday wishes and a quick update on my family. 

I’m all about the Christmas shopping, the gift giving, the gift guides but really – at the end of the day, sending cards is one of the best gifts of all because it says that you took the time to think about someone that you might not hear from very often. 

Why I send Minted Holiday Cards

I loyally sent out Christmas Cards from Minted every year. I absolutely LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards and this is one area that I am happy to spend my money on, I just love everything about making a card to share Christmas wishes with friends near and far.

I also love that they get your cards to  you very quickly and they present them so nicely. Your order comes packaged with a cute personal note from the person who packaged them:

If you are not familiar with Minted products, they are very high quality and they have so many designs to choose from. Minted cards just have a very special feel to them. They are easy to create and seriously, so beautiful. The hardest part will be choosing which design to go with, they have so many wonderful options.

BUY the decision making gets easier because Minted allows you to input the photo you want to use and then allows you to preview 100s of cards featuring your photo. Honestly, that’s been a game changer for me – the gal who can never make up her mind! 

Photo Selection Made Easy

*Easy Selection Tip:

One thing that I love about Minted is that if you know what photo (or photos) that you want to use, you can select to preview ALL of their cards with that photo, which makes decision making so much easier!

<—-To do this, just turn on the “Find it Fast” feature at the top of the card browsing window and it will auto fill all of the cards with YOUR photos, making it really easy to get a quick peek at what they might look like. I love this feature and it comes in really handy when trying to make the tough selection decisions.
Seriously, they have thought of everything to minimize the stress of creating your cards, and I love that!


I think that my favorite thing about getting Christmas Cards from Minted, besides the quality, is the HUGE selection and variety. Literally something for everyone, and each year I seem to find just the right card to fit my plan.

Minted Offers FREE Envelope Addressing AND Stores Your Address List

One of the reasons that I return to Minted every year for my cards is because they save my address list for me (seriously golden!!) and it makes sending out cards a breeze.

Don’t underestimate the awesomeness of this service. I literally log into my Minted account many times during the year just to update addresses and sometimes to grab them! It’s such a neat system they have and you can literally scroll through your address list and selection the ones you want printed each year. SO easy!! 

Plus, they have so many wonderful pre-printed envelopes to choose from:

I think that my favorite thing about getting Christmas Cards from Minted, besides the quality, is the HUGE selection and variety. Literally something for everyone, and each year I seem to find just the right card to fit my plan.

Customize Your Christmas Minted Holiday Cards and Envelopes

Not only do they have a huge selection of cards, but each card has so many customization choices, allowing you to fit in as many or as few photos as you need!

Here is a peek at a couple of our family cards from past years:

I love creating these Minted holiday cards and the wonderful memories and moments that each card holds.

My cards for this year are still top secret, but I’ll be sharing teaser pics soon, stay tuned!! 

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Go here to see the HUGE selection of cards at Minted.com.

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