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The Cozee: Battery Operated Blanket (great gift idea)

The Cozee: Battery Operated Blanket (great gift idea)

Hands down: The BEST heated blanket you can buy. 

Do you know someone who is always cold? I do and it’s ME!! I’ve tried them all and I’m telling you (again) … The Cozee is the BEST heated blanket hands down. Even better, this is a battery operated heated blanket that is so easy to use and works outside, inside – it even has a car charger so you can use The Cozee as a heated blanket for car or camper! (more on that later).

Cozee Blanket

The BEST Heated Blanket

I think everyone knows someone who is always cold and if you are that person, you know that it’s not fun! I love my son’s football games but bundling up can be a real challenge as we live in Idaho and those stadium seats are COLD. I can’t wait to take this heated throw blanket to games, it’s going to be a literal game changer!

Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Cozee. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I’ve aleady added The Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket to my gift guide picks but I also wanted to share a few more details about why I’m so impressed with this product and the thought and intention that went into making it. It’s not just for cold weather wimps like me.

This blanket offers the gift of life-changing heat to those who haven’t had options like this in the past!

Cozee Warm Blanket

The Cozee offers more than an upgraded electric blanket. Imagine not being able to go out in the cold due to poor circulation. For the elderly and those with disabilities, a drop in temperature becomes a major health concern.

The Cozee was created to be a life-changing product to enhance your quality of life. No matter what your lifestyle entails, this blanket is sure to change the way you feel about warmth. 

Cozee Battery Operated Blanket

Cozee Features Include:

  • Rechargeable battery with 2 USB ports for charging personal devices

  • Low, medium and high heat settings

  • 5+ Hours of continuous heat

  • Safety equipped: contains a safety shutoff

  • All-weather, water-resistant

  • 2 Extra pockets for hands

The Story Behind The Cozee

For founders Paul & Carolynne LaRue, The Cozee is so much more than a product; it’s their life.

About Living Giving Warmth: Founders Paul and Carolynne LaRue created their first product, The Cozee, out of love for their daughter Brianna “BooBoo” LaRue. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and fights for her life every day. BooBoo loves spending time outdoors, but her wheelchair and poor circulation make it a challenge to enjoy the fresh air many of us take for granted. After searching for a battery-powered heating blanket to keep her warm outdoors, the LaRues were shocked not to find the product they were looking for on the market. After developing their own indoor/outdoor blanket, Paul and Carolynne started hearing stories of others who don’t go anywhere because they are too cold, especially elderly. Dedicated to making life-changing products for those in need is how Life Giving Warmth began its journey.

For more insight into the beautiful story and love that went into making The Cozee: 

My thoughts and review of The Cozee

First of all – wow. The story and passion behind this product is enough to make you love it but the quality speaks for itself. I obviously was interested in this product due to the fact that I’m always cold, but that doesn’t even come close to being the reason that I love it. I love it because not only is it a great product for anyone – but it will solve a need for so many people who find cold temperatures challenging due to health issues. 

The quality is outstanding and you can truly tell that love built this brand. The reviews of The Cozee are amazing and you can’t beat a warranty that promises 100% satisfaction with a 5 year warranty! 

A Heated Blanket for Car, Camper or Tent

Another great use for this battery operated heated blanket is the fact that The Cozee comes with a cigarette lighter charger / car charger to plug right into the outlet in your car, making it an amazing (and possibly life saving?) item to leave in your car. A heated blanket for car, camper, tent … or heaven forbid – emergency situations makes The Cozee even that more valuable to me. 

Where to purchase The COZEE Battery Operated Heated Blanket?

You find find The COZEE Battery Operated Heated Blanket on Amazon! 

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