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Move Over Fidget Spinners! Magic Mermaid POSITIVITY Calming Bracelet Review


Move Over Fidget Spinners! Magic Mermaid POSITIVITY Calming Bracelet Review

*Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Magic Mermaid. This is product that we purchased. These opinions are 100% my own.

After seeing these Magic Mermaid POSITIVITY Calming Bracelets on the Today Show (Kathie Lee and Hoda were raving about them) I decided to order one to test them out myself. I ordered one a few days ago and it arrived very quickly. Right away I noticed the high quality and packaging, this isn’t an imported cheap product. This is a very well made and plush item. I was concerned that the price ($14.99) was a bit high but after seeing it, I think that is a very fair price, especially if this is something you have a use for.

Friends, these are the QUIET version of figet spinners!! I love this little band so much. The inside is SO plush and soft, and of course, you can’t resist playing with it. I couldn’t film myself using it so I had my daughter show us in this video… it’s SO relaxing and now everyone in our family wants to wear it, lol! They fit sizes 4 – adult so they are great for anyone, and they actually stay on really nicely. I was skeptical but am pleasantly surprised and definitely a fan. I also think that teachers would agree, if this item was to help a child focus more (or to assist with any anxiety issues) I don’t see how this could be disruptive in class. That being said, I’m not a teacher, so I could be wrong. 

As I said, these bands seem very well made and they fit ages 4 to adult. The velco closure works very well and the inside fabric is SO super soft:

Here’s a quick little video just to show you how it works. I left the sound in the video so that you can actually see/hear how quiet it is:

I’m not surprised at all that these Magic Mermaid POSITIVITY Calming Bracelets get great reviews, they are just so neat. *And trust me, I was prepared to not even write about this item as I thought it might just be an over priced wrist band, but these are actually really cool and I have to say, they do have a very calming effect!
Plus, each bracelet features ONE word as a positive reminder. We selected the one that says IMAGINE, but there are several to choose from and you can see them all here. My 10 year old loves it, and we’ve been “sharing” it because I really like it too!

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