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Homemade 4th of July Party Invitations

My Sunday Share: When my son turned one year old, I started the tradition of hand making his party announcements. I also decided that each year I would bake and decorate a special cake just for him. Since then… I have stayed true to this tradition and handmade both the  Birthday Party invitations and the cakes for both of my kids. Let me tell you… this has led me to some very late night conversations with myself. Conversations like “if you had just bought the cake at Albertson’s then you could be sleeping right now…“. Every year it gets a little harder to come up with something new and creative, but I actually look forward to the challenge (after I get done arguing with myself as to why I took on the challenge in the first place, that is).

One of my favorite party invitations were the ones that I made for my daughter’s first birthday party … so I thought that I would share those, since she has a July birthday and would also be cute for a 4th of July Party theme….

Firecracker Invitations

There are so easy to make. First of all … you need to find the BIG lifesaver rolls… and then you take off the label leaving only the foil. Create your own label on the computer and print them out and glue them on. The one that I created for my daughters birthday said:

Let’s all celebrate and have some fun…Our little FIRECRACKER is turning ONE! (where/when/etc) Our little girl is short and sweet…so the party will be too. Nothing fancy…just snacks and drinks and hotdogs on the BBQ. RSVP (phone number) … please don’t be a dud.

I poked a hole in the end of the lifesaver tube (down through the middle of the lifesavers) and then just stuck in the fun garland decor (I found this at the dollar store…it was part of party centerpiece. I paid one dollar for it and then took it apart.) I also saw this kind of garland at the Party Supply store. I used a glitter spray to spritz it will glitter… and walla!! Firecracker Invitations!


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  1. I’m not sure why but I can’t see the pictures. My husband’s birthday is on the 4th and this sounds like a cute idea. Do you have a link to pics?

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