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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cake & Invitations


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cake & Invitations

This Hello Kitty Birthday party was one of my favorites!

I started a tradition when my son turned one. I always make my children’s birthday party invitations, and I always make/decorate their cakes.

It  has been a fun (and challenging!) way to do something special for their birthday, just from Mom.


This year, my daughter decided that she wanted a “Hello Kitty Princess Spa Tea Party” … easy enough, right?

Creating a Hello Kitty Birthday Party is easy and fun! Check out my step by step ideas for making a fun Hello Kitty party and Hello Kitty cake for your little Hello Kitty fan!

Well… lucky for me, Hello Kitty is a pretty simple little cat, so I just kind of went into my design free style and it all came together pretty well!


First, I started with a simple sheet cake baked in a 9×13 baking pan:

I outlined Hello Kitty’s face on the cake first with a knife and then slowly cut away at it:

I put the cake in the freezer for a bit so that the rough edges would be easier to frost, and then I literally just globed (new baking term, lol) the frosting on, and then took a wet paper towel to clean up around the sides.

(I found that “globbing” was easiest because the cake came apart if I tried to spread the frosting too much.)

I used jelly beans for her eyes and nose, and then pink frosting and pink glitter/sugar sprinkle to fill in the bow.

I really wanted to use licorice laces for the whiskers, but we could not find them anywhere…so I settled for black frosting.

Overall….the cake turned out really well, and total cost was under $8.00. The party itself was quite affordable too!

A trip to the dollar store for some pink accessories (table cloth, napkins, etc) also scored me another great find: I found these darling hello kitty gift bags for only $1.00 each. I was able to peel off the Hello Kitty that was on the outside of the bags, and turn them into the actual invitation, and still use the bag at the party for goodies!

Now, if she had been having a big party with lots of kids, this would have been a spendy route to go, but where she only invited 4 little girls, $4.00 was a bargain to spend on these fun invitations that also served as treat bags!

Here are the goodie bags that I found:

After carefully peeling off the Hello Kitty front, I also took off the gift tag that came with the bags, and used it as the bow around Hello Kitty’s neck.

I wrote each child’s name on the cupcake, and then used the back of the Hello Kitty card to glue on the invites that I printed off of my computer:

The back:

A party doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable… and I almost enjoy planning my children’s parties as much as I love the actual party.

I try to keep my eye out all year long for party favors and ideas, and they always get really excited to see what I will come up with.

The best part of this party was the smiling birthday girl:

Hello Kitty Party Favors

Hello Kitty Merchandise

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