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Halloween Arts & Crafts: Mummy Cup Pencil and/or Treat Holders

These fun Mummy Cups are so easy to make and make great Halloween Treat holders!

I will be sharing several different Halloween Arts & Crafts over the next few days, and these Mummy Cups are one of our favorites! They are so easy to make, and they are a great way to deliver treats, especially to teachers since they double as a pencil holder! (We used clear plastic cups, but you could also use paper cups and/or you could make them like we did when I was a kid and use tin cans!)

Mummy Cup Treat and Pencil Holders
Super simple!!

You will need:
Googly Eyes (the bigger the better)
Gauze (we used Curad rolled Gauze from Walmart, which was $2.48 for 4 ft, and were were able to make 12 mummy cups with one box. I cut 2 strips right up the center for the gauze and then cut again into 12 inch strips.
Glue Gun/Sticks
Filler: Whatever goodies that you want to fill your cup with. We used popcorn.

Directions: Start by gluing the googly eyes on, and then take a strip of gauze and stick it on with a dab of glue on the back of cup and wrap around leaving room for the eyes to peep out. It takes very little glue (just a tad) because the gauze sticks very well. Fill them up with your treat of choice, and your mummy cup is done!

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