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Experience is Everything: Read my 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Truck Review

Driving the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Truck Review

Have you ever headed into an experience thinking that it would be one thing and it turned out to be something completely different?

I recently experienced that on a hosted trip with the folks from GMC as I joined their team and a several other bloggers in the Park City, Utah for a few days of snowing and towing in the 2019 Sierra AT4 Truck.

I’ve always been a truck girl. The very first vehicle that I purchased was a truck, and I’ve owned several since. So, I was thrilled to get the invite. However, when I accepted the invitation, I had visions of walking around a pretty truck and learning about it’s features.

Probably a few test drives here and there, meet some new people and share in some fun interactive brand activities. Snap some photos and share information. Easy enough, right!?

Well guess what, these pretty trucks don’t drive themselves (yet, anyway!) and how quickly I learned that experience is EVERYTHING. Especially when it comes to big, shiny pretty trucks.

A peek at the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

You know how much I love travel and adventure. So I was all in for this experience, even though I had no clue what adventure was waiting.

Upon landing at the Salt Lake City airport, I was greeted warmly by a GMC representative, handed a map and a set of keys and introduced to my ride, a gorgeous and shiny 2019 Sierra AT4. Holy moly these trucks are bold!

Their very presence is commanding and at first meeting, I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned as this truck looked huge.

Within moments, I was behind the wheel with the GPS destination set to Park City via “the long way”, which turned out to be a wonderfully beautiful drive through the canyon where this truck was really able to show off it’s athleticism and grit.

Backroads with the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

Remember how I mentioned that this truck looked huge to me upon first glance? The funny thing is, within moments of pulling out of the airport, I felt so settled behind the wheel and it almost felt as if I was driving a luxury car. Solid is the word that keeps coming to mind. This truck is just solid in it’s power and strength which really gave me the confidence as a driver as I hit the open road towards Park City.

GMC Sierra AT4 Truck Review and Adventure

Which is a good thing because the building confidence part of the GMC Sierra AT4 trip was just beginning ….

Smart Features = Safer Driving Experiences

Aside from being both gorgeous and powerful, this truck is smart. That’s the only way to describe the innovative technology here. From the Available First-In-Class Rear Camera Mirror to the Available First-In-Class Multicolor Head-Up Display, my mind was blown. And even better, all of this “smart” technology leads to a safer and more relaxing driver experience. As I was about to find out because next up:

Snowing and Towing

That’s right. We had barely gotten settled in at our gorgeous rooms at the Grand Summit Hotel in Park City Utah when we were gifted with snowing and towing gear which included snow goggles because guess what? Off we headed to Utah Olympic Park for some crazy snowing and towing fun.

They hitched up the bobsleds to the Sierras and we towed them up that mountain and you’ll never believe what happened next!

Towing with the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from being an online influencer, it is this: the best and greatest moments happen outside your comfort zone. I’ve been out of my comfort zone more times than I can count these past 11 years HOWEVER suiting up to fly down an ice tunnel just might take the cake:


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Thumbs up!👍 I’m a true believer that the best and most memorable experiences happen right outside your comfort zone! Today I’m in #ParkCity, Utah on a brand sponsored trip: Snowing and Towing! (thanks #GMC!) where I not only drove the new gorgeous @GMC #SierraAT4 in from Salt Lake City by myself, but I also towed two bobsleds up the mountain. Then, joined a bobsled team and bobsledded! I’m a bobsledder! Crazy cool (insanely scary, bobsledding…I’m not gonna lie!) and honestly, one of the neatest press trips I’ve been on. I can’t wait to share more about these awesome trucks. So innovative and the technology is just mind blowing. More to come about the GMC Sierra AT4. This truck is so full of innovation and features the industry-first MultiPro Tailgate which is mind blowing. Stay tuned for more! . . . . . . #brandpartner #gmcsierra #2019truck #2019gmc #gmcoffroad #allterrain #offroad #truckl9ve #wheelwednesday #bobsled #mylife #thumbsup #olympicpark #truckin #adventureisoutthere #bucketlist #girlpower #girlswholovetrucks #towing #towinglife

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Towing Technology

Before we were launched down the hill in a bobsled (which was crazy! amazing! awesome! … did I mention crazy!?) we were able to experience the process of towing a pair of bobsleds up to the top of the mountain and using both the In-Vehicle Trailering App and the Trailering Technologies to guide us in our efforts.

I’ll be the very first to admit that my ONE fear going into this was the towing part (this is BEFORE I knew about the bobsledding, lol!) because towing has always been a bit of a challenge for me in terms of confidence.

I’ve always been worried that I’m forgetting something, so I check, and double check, and check again. You definitely don’t want anything not hooked up properly when it comes to towing, so I’ve always been a bit of a worrier when towing in the past.

My mind was blown away at how far this technology has come and how good it is.

I cannot get over how thorough the safety checks are and how much confidence that gives a driver. On top of that, the vehicle has such a fantastic camera system that you can easily check areas while backing and maneuvering the truck and trailer.

It’s a game changer, for sure. It doesn’t just make trailering easier, it makes is so much safer. Man, I love technology for this very reason.

GMC Sierra ATV4 review
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

MultiPro Tailgate

Speaking of technology. Hold onto your hat for this one because it’s mind blowing. The GMC Sierra AT4 features an innovative (and industry-first!) MultiPro Tailgate that offers SIX functions and positions.

The Multi-function tailgate on the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

Here’s a quick video to show you just how this works. I found it fascinating and I think any and all truck lovers will agree:

Experience is Everything

Reading about a brand is one thing. Getting to experience it is next level. Not only did this experience bring me to know and appreciate more about this vehicle, but it connected me to GMC as a brand. I truly enjoyed the people that I was able to go on this journey with and that is probably my very favorite thing about the work that I do. I’ve learned that it’s the people and passions behind a brand that truly reflect in the finished product.

Not to mention the fact that I’m walking away with some pretty fantastic new friends. The GMC folks picked a pretty neat group of people to head up that mountain that day:

2019 GMC Sierra ATV4 drivers
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

See that smile on my face? That’s GMC Sierra Truck induced:

2019 GMC Sierra ATV4 review
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

If you’d like to learn more about the 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 then make sure to head on over to the GMC website for more information, color options and package features, accessories and more.

Dinner is served in honor of the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha

And cheers to great brands, great people and new friends!

Cheers to the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha
All smiles about the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha
Off road in the 2019 GMC Sierra ATV4
Photo Credit: Darcy Bacha


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