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Easy Easter Craft for Preschool: Easter Fence Project

Easy Craft: Easter Fence Activity

Looking for an easy Easter Craft that your little ones will enjoy? This fun Easter Fence can be put together with a few simple supplies and makes a perfect decorative piece.

This is such a fun and easy Easter craft project and a great way to provide a fun preschool activity while creating Easter decor for the classroom as well! You could also improvise this project for older or younger ages. This darling little ornamental fence makes for a cute Easter decoration that kids will love!

This easy Easter craft is perfect for little ones and would also be a fun preschool activity that you can decorate the school room with!

Easy Easter Craft

Supplies for making this Easter Fence Craft

How to Make an Easter Fence 

1. Lay out a piece of an old newspaper onto your craft surface and paint 9 craft sticks white and let dry.

Painting Craft Sticks

2. Cut a small piece of grass off about 8″ x 2″ and carefully hot glue to the bottom of your horizontally place blue craft sheet.

Creating an Easter Craft
3. Cut off one ends of 5 craft stick and carefully glue onto your grass vertically with the flat end on the bottom with each spaced evenly apart.

Easter Fence
4. Now cut the ends off of 4 craft sticks and place them horizontally across the craft sticks with a 1.5″ space in between the two sticks and cut off any excess stick on the sides.

Easter Craft
5. Then hot glue your miniature plastic eggs to the bottom of the fence/grass.

If you want to incorporate this craft into a lesson plan you could also pair it with a fun Easter story or character. For a Sunday school classroom you could have kids add a bible verse.

Do you have someone in your home that would have fun making this easy Easter craft with you?

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