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Favorite Christmas Treats

Looking for the best Christmas treats and cookies to make this holiday season? We’ve got our top picks all lined up for your baking and this list of favorite holiday cookies will make for the perfect gift Christmas cookie platter!

Christmas Treats and Favorite Recipes

Favorite Christmas Treats

A great collection of favorite Christmas treats and favorite holiday dessert snack recipe ideas!
Holiday food is the best and of course, there is nothing like Christmas treats!
I love all of the creative ideas and recipes and this round up of favorite Christmas treats will definitely give you some fun baking options this holiday season!
One thing that I love about these types of recipes is that they are recipes that the kids can help with. If your kids are old enough, they can even take on these fun holiday recipes by themselves, and what a help that will be with your holiday preparations! 

Red Nosed Reindeer Thumbprint Cookies from Adventures of Mel

Red Nosed Reindeer Thumbprint Cookies

Reese’s Reindeer Christmas Treats from Suburban Simplicity

Reese's Reindeer Christmas Treats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeye Candy) from Adventures of Mel

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops


Reindeer Brownie Recipe from Suburban Simplicity

Reindeer Brownie Recipe


Christmas Peppermint Popcorn Balls from Home Cooking Memories

Christmas Peppermint Popcorn Balls

Chocolate Dipped Ritz Cracker Cookies from Delightful E Made

Chocolate Dipped Ritz Cracker

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What are your favorite Christmas treats? We love to make a mix of our seasonal favorites and each year add in a few new Christmas recipes as part of our ongoing baking tradition. 

I love traditional Christmas cookies mixed with new and unique ideas to put on the Christmas cookie platters that we make for neighbors and friends.

We’ve also found that some of these recipes work wonderfully for classroom Christmas parties, holiday bazaars and bake sales and they also make fun party favors for holiday gathering. As I mentioned above, the fact that kids can help make these recipes, makes it so much more fun and another way we can come together and spend time creating during the holidays. I love spending time in the kitchen with my kids and it’s a fun way to make gifts from the heart.

Christmas Treats


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  1. Buckeyes are a huge tradition in Ohio. The official tree of Ohio is the buckeye tree. They drop buckeyes, like oaks drop acorns. The cookies shown actually do look like buckeyes. Buckeyes are considered good luck, and people may carry one in their pockets.

    Thank you for choosing this Midwestern favorite for your list. No one makes a batch of buckeyes just once. Your family will get hooked.

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