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Fairy Horse Themed Birthday Party


*Disclosure: I did receive some of these items from Breyer to facilitate my review, however I loved them so much that I purchased more and centered an entire party theme around them!

I love love (LOVE) birthday parties! I enjoy everything from making the party invitations to the cake decorating (notice that I said DECORATING, and not baking, lol!). My kids always get to select their party “theme” and my daughter always gives me a challenge with her selection. This year, she wanted a Fairy Horse Birthday Party. (NOT Pegasus, mind you.) Fairy Horse. Quick google and pinterest searches came up empty, so off to the drawing board I went!

About this time, I get an email from my friends at Breyer Horses. If you haven’t heard of them, Breyer is a company that makes wonderful horse related models and collectibles (and many other things). I actually used to collect them as a child, and now my daughter does the same. Well, as luck would have it, Breyer just released a brand new series of … you guessed it: Fairy Horses!! Ok, they are officially called Breyer Wind Dancers, but they look as much like Fairy Horses as anything that I could have dreamed up! They even have a series of books to go along with the Wind Dancers line which is even better, as my daughter is drinking in books right now!If you have a horse lover, then check out my tips for creating a Fairy Horse Birthday Party. So fun and easier than you might think!

I jumped at the chance to review them, and was delighted upon receiving the samples. So much so, that off to Amazon I went to order more for my daughters party.

Fairy Horse Party 5

You can see the line of Breyer Wind Dancers here, and the 4 pack of Breyer Wind Dancers that I purchased gave me a lot of bang for my buck as it sells on Amazon for $15.46. Along with the horses, I received this If Wishes Were Horses Wind Dancer book that my daughter and I are reading together right now. (Perfect for any horse lover!)

Pink Party Supplies

This party theme was so easy to pull together! I found these fun Martha Stewart Crafts Pom Poms ($11.23) to hang from the ceiling. I used fishing line to hang them along with the Breyer horses. It was SO easy and turned out darling! For party accessories, I grabbed  this pack of 12 Fairy Wand Pens for $6.98 and this darling set of Fairy Wings for the girls for $29.99 (this was my splurge, but so worth it… they were darling!)

Breyer Kona Play SetFor the cake, I used items from this fun Breyer Kona Treehouse Play Set for cake toppers. I even filled the trough with candy which my daughter loved. *I am a HUGE fan of buying a pre-made cake (we LOVE the Baskin Robbins cakes because you get the cake and ice cream all in one, which is a HUGE win for moms!) and then decorating it myself. I have found that trying to bake the cake myself just adds to my todo list and really cuts down on the time that I have to do the birthday party things that I love, like decorating. Baking cakes is not my specialty, so I usually end up disappointed and frustrated, so eliminating the baking part is a huge win for me. I want to enjoy these special days with my kids and I try to minimize any of the things that take away from that (for me it’s baking!) and focus on the things that make my heart swell. Hanging big fluffy pom poms from the ceiling along with fairy horses… my heart was bursting!

For the invitations, we recycled left over Meri Meri Fairy Valentines Day cards by gluing and pasting things over the actually Valentines Day messages. We then attached a teeny tiny message into a teeny tiny envelope with the message:

Horse Fairy Party 10Horse Fairy Party 11

We then hand delivered them (which my daughter loved!). She also loved that they needed to bring back their pen so sign in to get their fairy wings. I was pretty sure that someone would forget, but my daughter was certain that no one would forget something as important as that. Sure enough, she was right. Every party goer showed up with pen in hand, ready to sign in for their wings!

Take a look at how our party came together:

Fairy Horse Party 8

Fairy Horse Party 2Horse Fairy CollageFairy Horse Party 6

Fairy Horse Party 4

For games, they started off with a ring toss game. For every time that they got the ring in place, they were given a necklace, once they won 2 necklaces, they won their blank goody bag (they each had a prize bag hanging up over the party). Their goodie bag included coins so that they could take their turn at our all time favorite Glitter Tattoo Setparty game (and always a hit of the party!) the Electronic Claw Game which was filled with princess type goodies, which of course they could tuck into their prize bag!

They then had fun decorating their party bags with a fun assortment of stickers (I used Mrs. Grossman’s stickers). Our last activity was applying the glitter tattoos. They LOVED these and they were so easy, and I was very pleased with them. I used this Glimmer Art Party in a Box Glitter Tattoo set and I could not recommend it enough. (Plus it’s on sale right now for only $11.85!) This set made amazing tattoos because it has a stencil kit with it, so it was not only quick and easy but they looked amazing and the girls loved it!

Horse Fairy Party 12Fairy Horse Party 9

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