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Easter Bunny Magic: Creative Ideas for Easter


Easter Bunny Ideas for Easter

The littlest things go a long way in making holidays special. In fact, those are the special things that your kids will remember most.

Here are few little tricks that will help make the holiday magical, but still keep money in your pocket.

Easter doesn't have to be expensive, in fact... some of the most simple ideas can add to the Easter Bunny Magic!

Jelly Bean Fun

Easter Bunny magic adds a lot to our Easter festivities and one of my favorite of his tricks is the way that our Easter bunny spells out the kid’s names in jelly beans each year.

When I was a kid, our Easter Bunny did this as well, in fact… he used jelly beans to make arrows and all kinds of things to show us where where the eggs were hidden! 

This is something that they get the biggest kick out of, and they love to look back at the photos! Plus, it helps them to figure out which Easter basket he left for them.

Fairy Garden Easter Egg Hunt

The past few years, our Easter bunny has been leaving fun little additions to our fairy garden. Here’s a look at how this easy and simple (and yes, I know! silly…but I love it!) fairy Easter egg hunt goes down:

What fun things to you do with your fairy garden? We are are always looking for new and fun fairy garden ideas, so please share, I would love to hear about your fairy garden adventures!

Adding a Touch of Magic to the Easter Eggs

Every year we color Easter eggs, and last year when the kids woke up to find them they found that the crazy Easter bunny had left glitter all over them!

It was a fun touch of magic and you could almost see where his paws left prints of glitter on the eggs and even on some of the furniture!

Easter Egg Coloring Techniques

Over the years, I’ve shared a few of our favorite ways to color eggs. We love the Tie Dyed Egg technique, it’s super simple and just about anyone can do it.

Easter Eggs

Probably my favorite Easter Egg coloring is done the old fashioned way, with food coloring and vinegar. See my post about how to color eggs with vinegar to find out how we color eggs this year. 

OR add a new twist. We recently tested out the new Eggmazing Egg Decorating Machine and you know what, we love it? Here’s a peek at how it works:

Easter Bunny Ideas to Keep things Simple

I would actually have to say, that the real joy and Easter magic comes from keeping Easter simple.

My kids each get a small basket of goodies and usually a game for the family. I try to incorporate things that enhance our family time (Easter egg hunts, board games, hidden surprises) and help to create memories that we will remember for years to come. It’s so easy to go overboard but I have actually found that the less we do, the more we enjoy.

That’s why we try to do the little extra touches, to keep it magical but also to keep it focused on our time together.

We also, of course, celebrate the religious aspects of Easter, and our day includes Easter service and a nice meal to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the wonderful gift of salvation.

At the end of the day, that’s the main thing that I want my kids to understand about Easter. I feel like it’s such a great way to tie it all together.

FREE Easter Color Pages and Activity Printables 

Easter Printable Sheets

Over the years, I’ve shared so many fun and free Easter printables for the kids, so make sure to check those out, another great source of fun and entertainment! 

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