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Free Crayola Printable Easter Coloring Pages and More!

Here are some fun FREE Easter color pages and printables for Kids from Crayola that will keep the kids busy as we get ready for the Easter holiday. I love that some of these printable are learning related, and several of them have religious features – so a little big of something for everyone!

FREE Easter Printable Kid Activities from Crayola

Free Crayola Printable Easter Coloring Pages and More!


Easter Coloring Sheets

If you go to the Crayola website you will be able to print out Easter coloring sheets, word games, crafts and more!

My daughter is busy right this moment working on a coloring sheet for our neighbor, and she’s been at it for over an hour. These types of free printables are a great way to keep kids entertained while celebrating and learning about current holidays.

We love to pair these types of activities with Easter stories and movies and these fun coloring sheets are also a great way to fill the front of the fridge or house with fun Easter decor. My kids also love sending these types of things to grandparents and I know that the grandparents love receiving them. 

Just remember, holiday fun doesn’t have to cost money. And when it does cost money, it’s doesn’t have to be expensive. Kids remember the little things like baking Easter cupcakes, decorating Easter eggs or making fun coloring pages for grandma. 

Artist Easter Basket Ideas

If you really want to inspire their love for creativity then consider filling their Easter basket with art supplies this year! You could even use a fun art caddy as the Easter basket itself. I love giving practical gifts to kids because it ends up being a purchase that gets used and enjoyed over and over again. 

Make sure to check out all of our other fun Easter ideas, so many fun ways for kids and adults to create together and enjoy the Easter holiday!

Image credits: Crayola

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