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Disneynature Bears Free Printable Activity Sheets!


Disneynature Bears FREE Printable and Activity Sheets

Disneynature: Bears Free Printable Activity Sheets!

Hey mama bears!! I see you. You are looking for fun and entertaining things for those kiddos to do, but you’d also love for them to be educational, right!? Oh yea, I see you!! Disneynature Bears Movie

Have you seen DisneyNature: Bears? It’s one of our very favorites – entertaining and educational at the same time! 

Bears Disney Nature

Print these FREE Disneynature: Bears printable activity sheets!

Disneynature Bears

I love that entertainment can also be educational! Thanks to Disneynature, these movies not only provide an amazing peek into the wilds and natural habitats of these animals, but they also provide great conversation starters. Not to mention, huge learning opportunities for our children!

Print these FREE Disneynature Bears activity sheets to entertain your kids before and after the movie!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.42.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.42.21 PM

Over the years, I’ve learned to play off of my children’s interests to encourage them to fine tune their skills. For example, when my son loved Thomas the Train, we would not only purchase the Thomas toys and movies, but we also purchased the Thomas books and the Thomas learning blocks. 

I’ve found that bringing the learning to them under the umbrella of something they already love is such a fantastic way to light a fire in their passion for learning. They already enjoy the information that you are bringing to them so the learning part happens very organically. 

Disney Bears

I’m a huge Disney fan and have shared a lot of Disney content over the years, but huge Kudos to Disney for this series of movies that hits on so many important elements of our world. Important coverage of our environment, and our responsibility to these beautiful animals that share the world we all live in. 

Disneynature on Disney Plus

Disneynature Movies on Disney Plus! 

I think that one of my favorite things about Disney Plus is that they offer all of the Disneynature movies, which is such a gift to families. These movies are captivating and like an adventure in themselves.

We’ve found Disney Plus to be so much more than just a streaming service, it’s bringing the world right into your home and these Disney Nature movies take things things to the next level when it comes to seeing an discovering life around the planet. 

You can purchase DisneyNature: Bears movie or you can also find it on Disney+

Disneynature: Bears Trailer



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