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DreamCloud Mattress Review + Unboxing (+ Coupon for $200 off!)

DreamCloud Mattress Review + Unboxing

*Disclosure: I was compensated and provided with a DreamCloud in order to share my review. These opinions are 100% my own. 

My fascination and obsession with good sleep came about 10 years ago when my hubby started having sleep issues. If you DON’T have sleep issues, count your lucky stars. They can be difficult to deal with and the sad side effect of a married person with sleep issues is that it effects both partners.

Trust me, not fun and the result of going through sleep struggles that is that end up REALLY appreciating a good night of sleep. For these reasons, we really value great sleep around here and go out of our way to find the tools that help provide it.

Let’s face it, you spend a good portion of your life in bed. The older that you get, you also start to appreciate not only the quality of your sleep, but the comfort of your bed. All kinds of things start to ache if you aren’t sleeping on a proper mattress and if you enjoy waking up feeling well rested then a great mattress is pretty tough to beat.

We were thrilled at the chance to review the DreamCloud mattress.

This mattress is what they call a luxury hybrid meaning that it’s made of a combination of latex, memory foam, handcrafted cashmere and a tufting and coil technology that all adds up to one very well made mattress. DreamCloud is a 15″ mattress and it’s made for all types of sleepers. Being a hybrid mattress is truly what sets DreamCloud apart from other mattresses and gives it that additional wow factor.

What is a hybrid mattress? 

I asked the same question. A hybrid mattress is one that combines the supportive infrastructure of traditional box spring mattress with high density memory foam to offer supreme support.

How do they ship DreamCloud Mattresses?

Glad you asked! It’s one of my favorite things about this mattress! It gets delivered to you (shipping is FREE, by the way!) in a large duffle bag type protective bag that sits on top of another larger and thicker canvas type protective bag with a zipper. So let me tell you, this thing is so super protected for shipping, that it arrives in perfect condition.

Even better, it’s easy to move! My hubby and I carried this up 2 flights of stairs by ourselves!

Unboxing a Dreamcloud Mattress Review

Once you get the outer packaging off, you’ll find that assembly is SO easy. They include a small instruction card and a razor tool with which to cut the plastic wrapping off with. I highly recommend using only this tool as cutting your mattress would be awful.

To show you how this process looks, we made a video:

See how easy that is? I can’t get over it. This mattress truly feels so wonderful and very well made. We’ve been sleeping on it now for over a week and have been very happy with it. To me, it feels like the type of mattress you would find in a luxury hotel.

Have I reviewed other mattresses? Yes, actually. Do I write about all of them? No, I don’t. I feel like finding the right mattress can be tricky, and it always helps to research these types of products as much as you can. We’ve reviewed a few that I didn’t feel were worth any mention, so that’s why you won’t see me writing reviews about things unless they truly get the thumbs up.

One thing that gives me extra confidence in writing about the DreamCloud mattress is both the price point (for the quality, these mattresses are a fraction of the cost of some of their competitors) and the fact that DreamCloud offers all customers a sleep trial.

Make sure to check out my other product reviews for products that we have shared over the years. 

What is a Sleep Trial? 

DreamCloud offers you 180 days to decide if this mattress is right for you. If you decide for any reason that this mattress is not for you, the folks at DreamCloud will remove it from your home and offer a 100% refund. Seriously. Now that’s a great guarantee.

Save $200 off your DreamCloud purchase

Right now you can save on your DreamCloud mattress purchase


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  1. We absolutely love our Dream Cloud – and we will be ordering another for our cabin soon! Such a quality mattress and so much easier than dealing with a box spring and spring mattress. Best sleep we’ve had – thank you so much for sharing the sale!

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