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Clio Coffee Brewer Review + How to Recycle Clio Pods

GREAT Gift Idea: Clio Coffee Brewer

Have you heard of the Clio Coffee Brewer? If you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know that SheSaved is totally fueled by coffee. That said, I really love the convenience of single-cup brewers, but honestly, I’ve been pretty disappointed in the quality and I’ve been  very concerned about the use of pods and lack of recycling options. Then along came Clio!

Clio Machine Red and White

Last week I mentioned the Clio Brewer in my round up of favorite holiday gift picks and so many of you were interested in hearing more that I decided to not only expand on this product, but I also asked my friends at Clio to provide a giveaway, so make sure to enter below!

What is a Clio?

Clio is a single-cup, high-pressure brewer that uses European techniques to make the perfect cup of coffee, espresso or tea. I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur, but I’m also a savvy shopper, and I feel like Clio comes at a really incredible value. I always say, “You get what you pay for,” but with Clio, I feel like you get a LOT more bang for your buck. Clio honestly checks all the boxes for me—AND adds some new ones! If I had to sum up a Clio machine in one sentence, it would be this: 

“Clio Coffee: Italian café quality that won’t break the bank—from the comfort of home!”

What makes Clio different?

Well, first of all – the Clio logo! That’s always jumped out at me but what really sets Clio apart for me is the quality of the coffee, the sustainability factor and its overall simplicity

Quality Coffee Pod Machine

Every cup is a rich, frothy Americano, and it’s truly a FULL cup of coffee! With a lot of single-cup brewers, you only get HALF a cup if you want a full-bodied brew—or else you get watered-down coffee. No thank you! With Clio, you get a full 10 ounces of delicious coffee. They also use 60% more grounds in each pod, compared to other brewers, and the high-pressure brewing process extracts the most flavor from every pod.

Clio sources the best coffee beans from around the world, then hand-roasts them to perfection in a state-of-the-art facility in Northern Italy. So, when I say Italian café quality, I mean literally!


Clio pods also use 50% less material than other coffee pods, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste OR the environment. Plus, you can recycle Clio pods, and if you compost, coffee grounds are wonderful for your soil!


What I really love about Clio is the fact that it’s a subscription coffee service, so once you set up your monthly order, you’re good to go! Of course, you can pay as you go too, but I love the convenience of having coffee delivered to my door every month. And I never run the risk of running out of coffee!

It’s also super user-friendly. There are literally three buttons: coffee, espresso, tea. That’s it. Plus, some brewers sound like a rocket taking off when they’re heating up the water, but Clio is completely silent until it starts brewing—so quiet that I actually wasn’t sure it was working!

Clio Home Brewer

How to use Clio Coffee Brewer

First, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself. You can get 20% off with my code: SAVED20, and they offer full refunds if you don’t love it within 30 days, so there’s no risk. Next, here’s a rundown of how to use the machine. Seriously, it couldn’t be simpler! 

  1. Plug it in and fill the water tank
  2. Lift the handle – it reveals where you drop in the pod
  3. Place the pod in the slot (it’s the exact shape of the pod, so you’ll know which direction to drop it in), then pull the handle back down
  4. The three lights on the machine will blink while the water (silently) heats up
  5. When the water is ready, the buttons will light up and stop blinking
  6. Select your beverage choice (E = espresso, C = coffee, T = tea), and get ready to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, espresso or tea in about a minute! 
  7. The used pods drop into a hidden pod tray, so you don’t have to empty after each use
  8. Recycle your pods (remove the tops, empty grounds, rinse and recycle normally)

How to clean Clio Coffee Brewer

Make sure to visit the Clio website to learn more about cleaning. You manual can also help instruct you on cleaning your Clio Coffee machine. Your Clio brewer has a cleaning cycle, and basically you will click on C, E or T buttons to prompt the cleaning cycle, but follow manual instructions to make sure the process is correct for your individual machine. 

Clio Coffee Brewer choices

Clio comes in red or white, and I got the red one, which brings a lovely pop of color to my kitchen. I also love that it’s super compact. Especially during the holidays, I need ALL the counter space I can get! And Clio takes up less room than a standard coffee maker.

After you pick your brewer, you choose which subscription plan you want – 30 pods/month, 60 pods/month or pay as you go.

Clio Blends

Last, you pick your coffee blends. Clio offers four different blends, and there are 10 pods in each package. So, if you do the 30 pods/month subscription, you pick three blends. If you go with the 60 pods/month, you pick six. I got the 60 pods package, so I got two Rise & Shine, two Smooth Sailing and two Peak Power. Personally, I’m not a decaf gal, so no Evening Delight for me.

Here’s a little more info on the four blends:

  • Rise & Shine (mild roast): Kick off another day with something elegant and intensely flavorful! If you like dramatic hints of citrus, fruits, Bergamot, and want a crisp finish, this blend’s for you.
  • Smooth Sailing (medium roast): Distinctively flavorful with subtle notes of chocolate, fruit and hazelnut? Yes, please. Add in a sweet caramel taste and you can turn any morning slog into your new favorite time of day.
  • Peak Power (dark roast): Strong Italian accent. Full-bodied aroma. Flavorful finish. Yeah, that sounds good to us. Add in hints of toasted caramel and dark chocolate and your afternoon will never be the same.
  • Evening Delight (decaf): Elegant, mild rose decaf. With notes of hazelnut and light chocolate, it’s full on flavor, not caffeine.

How to Recycle Clio Pods

One of the most exciting things about the Clio Brewer is that the Clio Coffee pods are recyclable and use 50% less material to produce than most other single-cup pods. Once they are cleaned out, Clio pods can be placed with normal household recycling.
Using coffee pods that are not recyclable was the reason that we stopped using a Keurig, I just couldn’t handle the guilt about the amount of waste. 
How to Recycle Clio Pods Step by Step
  1. Remove the plastic cover from the Clio pod.
  2. Squeeze the Clio pod to pop out the filter.
  3. Empty the grounds out of the pod.
  4. Rinse the Clio pod (like you would rinse any recyclable jars and cans).

Clio Coffee Pod Subscription

Once you are loving your Clio brewer, you’ll want to set up your monthly Clio Coffee Pod subscription – you can receive coffee pods as you like. Pausing your deliveries is easy, and you can also cancel at anytime. Such an awesome service with NO commitments ever. Clio also has awesome customer service and brings you the opportunity to make a double espresso in the comfort of your own kitchen!

SAVE on your Clio Brewer Purchase

The Clio brewer is usually $199, but it’s on sale right now you can score a Clio Brewer Coffee Machine for less!

Now is definitely the time to snag one and you can shop all of the Clio products here

Clio Coffee Monthly Subscription

Enjoy amazing coffee everyday – without going to the coffee shop – when you sign up for a monthly Clio Coffee subscription.

Clio’s subscription service is so easy and the perfect way to ensure that you always had Clio pods on hand for your Clio coffee maker! Pay a convenience store price for your daily cup of coffee, but instead enjoy high-quality coffee beans and make your home coffee experience resemble the coffee you would enjoy in a coffee shop in the hills of northern Italy.

Another thing that I love about buying from Clio Coffee is that they offer affordable prices, Clio Coffee USA Discount Codes, promo codes and the opportunity to stop and start your coffee subscription service as you please. With Clio’s subscription service you can et up your own delivery times and enjoy the different coffee options that fit your needs. The perfect gift idea for coffee aficionados too!

I feel like everyone has at least one coffee snob in their life (I’m pretty sure I’m that person to my friends!), and Clio is a really special gift for those folks on your list. Whether you get Clio for yourself, family or friends, you can’t go wrong with this brewer, which is exactly why it’s on my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Oh yeah! And they’re offering a brewer + 60 pods to one of my readers! Enter the giveaway below, and don’t forget to like @cliocoffee on Instagram and Clio on Instagram for additional entries!

*The giveaway is now closed.

Clio Machine Red and White

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