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My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: GREAT Gift Idea for Kids!

My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: GREAT Gift Idea for Kids!

I love a lot of things about these little mini bluetooth speakers! They are darling, SO many choices and I love how little they are, but I also love the price! This would be such a fun gift for a wide range of ages, and something that you could give to both boys and girls. 

Great Stocking STuffer

Such a great gift idea for kids!! Not only do these little My Audio Pet speakers get great reviews, but they seem to be very well made and I love that you can pair them together to create the ultimate audio experience. “Play 1 and fill the room / Pair 2 for a sonic boom.” 

My Audio Pet

They are 100% portable, which makes them great for kids as well. They have rechargeable built-in batteries meaning you can take your music wherever you go. Built-in mic allows for great hands-free options

My Audio Pet is a unique line of speakers that are designed to look like you and your kids’ favorite animals. These fun-size speakers produce great sound and make for great stocking stuffers. There is a wide range of different animals to choose from, and two speakers can be paired together for a True Wireless Stereo effect. 

AudioPet Splash

In addition to the original speaker, the Splash! line features waterproof speakers designed as adorable ocean-dwellers like “Rocktopod the Octopus” and “Narmony the Narwhal.” These are perfect for making bathtime fun.

Audio Pets


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