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Creative Friends!! Bluprint.com: FREE 7 Day Trial!

Creative Friends!! Bluprint.com: FREE 7 Day Trial!

I love finding new ways to learn and Bluprint.com has me fascinated. I’m so excited to share it with you!

So much information and you can check it all out by doing the Bluprint FREE 7 day trial. I love that they are willing to offer that so that we can get a chance to check it out and see if it’s a good fit. I’ve been trying it out myself and I have to say, I love what I see so far!

To get started with Bluprint.com you can sign up for the FREE 7 day trial here. Next, Bluprint will have you select your THREE favorite DIY/Craft topics. The choice for me is so tough, but I went with Baking, Family Friendly and Painting. What would you select? The good news is that you can change your selections at any time BUT once you do select your options, they dive a bit deeper into what it is you are looking for. Including your level of expertise (from beginner to expert) along with more detailed focus on styles, techniques … so much information!

They even have Dance Classes! My daughter is loving the hip hop tutorials. Literally something for everyone on this site!

Once you select your favorites and the specifics, you are literally brought into a world of resources, courses, videos and more. If you are a “maker” then I think you will love this world of creativity that just feeds the soul. I’ve only been using this site for a short time, and I’m already feeling inspired and uplifted. It’s really about sparking your inspiration to move you to do and create the things that feed your soul!

Best of all, the classes and tutorials all come with instructors that meet you at YOUR skill level, so you aren’t feeling pressure or stress to enjoy something that is supposed to be fun! It’s a little bit like your own private Pinterest of ideas, as you compile a library of favorites and projects that you want to work on.

Another thing that I love about the site is that they make it so easy to search for new projects or content. Want to make something for Mother’s Day? Just search the huge database of ideas in the library.

To get started just to go the Bluprint homepage and start the free trial (as shown above)

The free trial gives you a really great chance to check the site out and see if it’s a fit for you and your needs. I personally feel like it’s a wonderful resource for those of us that are creative and need that outlet to exercise our creativity and keep that creative spark burning. I know that I personally feel better when I’m making time for those creative projects and things that take my mind of off work and just allow me to dig deep into my imagination and get lost in creating. Plus I really enjoy the process of making things, growing and learning certain skills and continuing to perfect my knowledge in the areas that I’m passionate about.

FREE Steamfast Iron Offer

If you do sign up for Bluprint, you might want to take advantage of this offer. Right now, new subscribers can sign up for a Bluprint monthly subscription at checkout and they’ll get $30 off their order of kits and supplies! Which means that you can get this Steamfast Travel Iron for FREE using your discount:

The Steamfast Travel Steam Iron is the perfect solution for setting crisp creases and removing wrinkles on the go. With a one-minute heat-up time and small, versatile soleplate, it’s ideal for touching up quilts, garments and pre-cuts. This travel-size iron is made with quality and durability in mind, so it’s sure to last for many projects to come.

In addition to your FREE Steamfast Travel Steam Iron, you’ll have unlimited access to all of Bluprint’s 1,300+ classes, plus exclusive shows, new interests to explore, and much, much more! For just $7.99/month, you’ll get all the perks, like:
•  15% off kits and supplies on Shop.MyBluprint.com
•  Unlimited access to all 1,300+ classes
•  One class to own forever — your pick!
•  Early access to amazing sales
•  Professionally tested patterns

To get this offer, just go here and add a Steamfast Travel Steam Iron to your cart and select Monthly Plan for $7.99/month at checkout to get up to $30 off your order. (feel free to shop the site for other things to use your $30 on!)

I’ve also loved sharing this site with my daughter! She’s got quite the creative bug and it’s so fun to allow her to log onto our family tablet and select a craft or recipe for us to enjoy together. She’s already starting making some fun Easter ideas including this Fluffy Bunny Cake that looks amazing!

The cost? After your free trial (which you can cancel at anytime!) you will pay just $7.99 per month OR you can save even more by selecting the annual membership. This would make such a neat Mother’s Day gift idea and I absolutely love the endless opportunities!

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