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Teacher Gift Idea Butterfly in a Jar

teacher gift ideaI love teacher appreciation week … but sometimes coming up with fun and unique ideas can be overwhelming.

The kids and I found these fun Butterfly jars and they are so neat!

Teacher Gift Idea Butterfly in a Jar

First of all, although BOTH of my children’s teachers thought they received a “real” butterfly, which was a fun surprise to give them. You should have seen their faces!

These are of course not real butterflies, but fun and very realistic replicas. They move so lifelike that you forget that it’s not real!

Where to Purchase Fake Butterflies in Mason Jars

You can also find them on Amazon where they start at around $15.00. See the selection here.

The Amazing Blue Morpho “Butterfly in a Jar” – Part of the Butterfly Collection ™

Ever dreamed of keeping a butterfly in a jar forever? Now you can!

The Butterfly in a Jar gift is like nothing you have ever seen. Unpackage the glass jar and activate the switch located inside the lid. No all you need to do is just tap the lid and watch the “butterfly” fly around in a surprisingly lifelike way.

Powered by three AAA batteries (supplied with the butterfly), the “My Butterfly” product is a unique feat of micro-electronics. Everytime you tap the glass bottle you can watch “My Butterfly” fly, flap and flutter.

How Butterfly in a Jar Works

Gently tap the jar once for instant action!

One tap willl wake your butterfly up , two taps will make it flutter and three taps will make it flap around the glass bottle. The butterfly is also activated by ambient noise and music. There is no need to turn the “My Butterfly” off; batteries last in standby mode for months ready for a tap to awaken.

The Blue Morpho “My Butterfly” is one part of the “Butterfly Collection” range.

The Blue Morpho shown above can also be complemented by other versions which feature a Swallow Tail Butterfly, Pink Morpho Butterfly and finally the Monarch Butterfly.

Such a sweet teacher gift idea: Butterfly in a Jar

Great Teacher Gift Idea

How we turned this into a teacher’s gift? We made a little tag with this quote:

wonder of teaching


The kids love watching the butterfly and I love that this gift is something that can be enjoyed year after year!

My daughter loved walking in and handing this to hear teacher, and she loved it even more that the butterfly jar sat on her teacher’s desk all year. 

When you tap the jar, the butterfly comes to life and it was so sweet to see the kids enjoying this butterfly in a jar all year long. 

butterfly gift 3

This butterfly uses very little battery, so you can leave him “on” all the time, and when you tap the lid he will “wake” up and then he does these little resting flutters when he is not moving that look so real!

Butterfly in a Jar Selection

Books About Butterflies

Not only does this make a great teacher gift idea, but it’s also a fun addition to classroom learning or lesson plans. 

There are so many fun lesson plans that could be paired with this new “classroom pet” and teachers could use butterfly stories to further the learning about butterflies! 

Here are some of our favorite books about butterflies: 

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