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7 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Enjoy those pretty blossoms longer by using my tips on how to make cut flowers last longer!

7 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

If you are growing a cutting garden or just like to snip fresh flowers from your yard, you might be wondering how to make those fresh cut flowers last longer. Making your fresh cut flowers last longer isn’t difficult; you just need to know a few simple tricks.

Take a look below at 7 ways to make cut flowers last longer so you can enjoy those beautiful blooms even longer. Here is what you need to know to get started!

1. Cut flowers during the cooler part of the day.
When snipping those flowers, do so in the early morning or in the early evening. You want it to be one of the cooler parts of the day so the flowers aren’t over heated and going from one extreme to the next. Pick during these times when the blooms are under less stress.

2. Snip stems at an angle.
Before you even think about placing your flowers in a vase, snip the stems at an angle. You don’t want the bottom of the stems to be completely flat. When you snip them at an angle, it makes it easier for the stems to soak up the water and nutrients you are about to place them in.

3. They no longer need sun.
Once your flowers are indoors, they no longer need sun. Don’t worry about placing them in a warm and sunny window as that will only make them wilt faster. Instead, choose a cool and non-sunny location in the house so they feel more comfortable.

4. Check your water temperature.
Flowers can get finicky when brought indoors, and don’t want to be dumped in water that is too warm or too cold. Try for room temperature water, which may mean filling a vase and leaving it to sit for 30 minutes or so until it comes to room temperature.

5. Sprinkle in some sugar.
Adding a teaspoon of sugar to your vase water can help your blooms last longer, as the sugar makes for some excellent plant food. If you don’t have any sugar on hand, you can also add a few crushed aspirin or even a few splashes of soda such as Sprite.

6. Give them some hairspray.
Protect the outside of your blooms by giving them a quick spray of hairspray. It can help seal and protect the flowers and allow them to last a few days longer. Don’t use anything with a great deal of perfume or additional product in it, just a basic hairspray is perfect.

7. Change the water.
Bacteria is what usually causes wilting the quickest. Be sure you change water every two days for best results. This will keep bacteria from building up and attacking the plants and also keeps the arrangement smelling better as well. While you change the water, give the vase a quick rinse with soap and water as well to really make sure all of the bacteria is killed.

I love cut flowers, and I always try to make them last as long as possible. Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your cut flowers longer too! If cut flowers aren’t your thing, then check out my tips for creating a DIY Floral Arrangement from silk flowers.

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