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Wordless Wednesday: Love God. Help People.

My first attempt EVER at Wordless Wednesday. The reason being, is that I never really understood the wordless part. I mean, let’s face it … I am wordy. A wordless post, would be um… difficult. Then today it dawns on me that this is my blog, and if I want to put words on my Wordless Wednesday post, there is no one to stop me. (At least…not that I know of. If the Wordless Wednesday police come calling, I’ll let you know.)

ANYWAY. Every Wednesday in my town Hope Church serves up a FREE lunch. Totally FREE. And the best part is that they stand on the corner and wave a big hotdog at  people … “FREE lunch!“, they yell! … and everyone is welcome. It’s FREE lunch Wednesday. No strings attached… just come on in and get a FREE lunch. You should see the looks on people’s faces as they drive by. (not just wordless, lol… speechless!) And you know what, it’s the same people every week … standing out there smiling with their signs. Total happiness in their hearts… because sometimes giving FREE even beats getting FREE. LOVE.IT.

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  1. “Total happiness in their hearts… because sometimes giving FREE even beats getting FREE”
    I love it…. what a nice story ……gave me goosebumps…..

  2. This is awesome! TOL = Tons of Love! A Positive saying in these trying times! Pass it on if you like it! God Bless! TOL! Gloria

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