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NeatDesk Review


UPDATE: CLOSED…and the winner is:

Valinda who said:  I am already an email subscriber! Thank you for doing all the work for me and sharing your fabulous finds!! 

I feel like organization is something that eludes me, but I do have to say … I am getting closer and closer to at least feeling like I am managing the chaos. (and trying to accept the parts of the chaos that I can’t quite tackle…) So,I have to brag a bit and tell you that my new NeatDesk has me feeling like some kind of Organizational superhero… for real. This machine is so neat. First of all … it is super fasssst. (superhero-ish quality #1) Secondly … it is sleek and simple and looks oh-so-good on my almost (almost!) organized desk. And third (and most important) it is EASY to use. As in SUPER easy to use.

About Neat Desk: NeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that will quickly turn all the paper on your desk into organized, digital files. More than just a great scanner, NeatDesk also includes patented NeatWorks® software to identify and extract key information from your paper files, then automatically organizes it in the easy to use database.

All-in-one scanning. NeatDesk features our award-winning ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner. The patented paper input tray lets you scan different kinds of paper – from the smallest taxi receipt to 2-sided legal documents – all in a single pass. Or insert up to 50 pages at once for lightning-fast batch scanning. (See scanner specifications for more information.)

Powered by NeatWorks® software. NeatWorks uses patented “Intelligent Text Recognition” technology to identify and capture key information from scanned documents, then populates that data automatically in the robust digital filing system. Create exports for tax time and year-round financial management, or export data to applications like QuickBooks®,TurboTax®, and Outlook®. All scanned documents are completely keyword searchable, so you’ll find your files in just a few seconds – instead of a few hours.”

What do I think? I think … “I’m in love!” … really, this is the neatest thing. It was easy to set up (within minutes) and very easy to start using. It scans everything from business cards to receipts, bills, documents … and get this, it can scan double sided! It also sorts, organizes… and get this: it can even create expense reports and manage business and personal expenses. The software also allows users to keep track of expenses for tax time (records accepted by the IRS) and easily export data to Excel®, Quicken®, QuickBooks®, TurboTax®. Honestly… my accountant is going to be so impressed with me this year, as this is actually making record keeping kind of fun!

What I also love is that both my husband and I can use this, without conflict … it stores and sorts and even creates spreadsheets for data. And I love LOVE the search option… everything can be found quickly by keyword if for some reason you can’t find it. Since we each run our own businesses, this is a huge plus for us … and I am just a bit excited to see how much easier our tax “organization” day goes this year. (you know…the actually DAY that it takes to just get together the tax information … before you can actually do the taxes, lol)

Now for the Giveaway: ONE lucky SheSaved reader will win a NeatDesk Scanner! ($399.95 value!)

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… I will leave this giveaway open until 10pm on Sunday night, August 28th (mnt time) if you can still comment…you can still win! … once closed, I will select ONE winner … and the winner will have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize! GOOD LUCK!!

*Disclosure: I did receive a NeatDesk to facilitate my review. These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.

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  1. We just redid our office after a flood that ruined most of my files. This would be absolutely fantastic! No more paper!!!!

  2. This is an amazing machine. This could help to keep my desk organized so well. I love the idea and would love to try this machine.

  3. I have a business and we have farm receiptsas well to keep track of. This would be a lifesaver!

  4. My husband is a small business owner and I work full time in a medical office. We save every bill and tax receipt and try to stay organized but keep filling up file cabinets! This would be awesome!

  5. I would love this. I do quality control evaluations for various companies and the paperwork piles up in the filing box rather quickly. This would definitely streamline my paperwork.

  6. Currently I am using a 3 shelf unit beside my comfy chair to try and keep everyhting organized and it is just not working. Help is needed!!

  7. Im a Realtor, so I could use the NeatDesk for scanning bills & receipts! Ive wanted one of these things forever!

  8. I’d love to organize all my receipts and any other important papers that I want to save!!

  9. I scan everything because I am soo afraid of a fire and loosing everything so this would be AWESOME!

  10. Really trying to get rid of clutter and paper and “stuff” in the house. Had my eye on one of these for a while, time just hasn’t been right to get one yet 🙂

  11. I would use it for ever important document in my house. We live in Southern Louisiana and this would be must helpful in case we were to flood.

  12. I am thoroughly convinced I am the original clutterbug. I’m making an effort to get organized recently, and the Neatdesk would be a tremendous help.

  13. I follow SheSaved, and have for a looooooong time – love your tips and giveaways!

  14. We stil have paperwork in boxes from when we moved into our house 3 years ago. this would definitely help

  15. I would love love love to have this! I am sooo in love with organizing products. This would help me a lot with my work as far as instant input into my spreadsheets for data analysis.

  16. I am a SAHM of 3 kids, have a photography business and a spa business. I would LOVE this!

  17. This would save my sanity. I just let paperwork pile up on my desk. Our house is so small that I have no where to put it all. After it gets on my nerves for a while, I go through it all and throw what I can away, the rest goes into my “paper stack,” which is just a more “permanent” mess on desk.

  18. I am an organized mess – well, actually just a mess. No matter how many attempts I make at getting our paperwork organize, it lasts for a few weeks (days, or hours sometimes…) and then fails. This looks AWESOME!

  19. I would love to be able to rid of my paper files. The fact that this can help organize receipts for taxes sounds like a wonderful time saver. 🙂

  20. I would use to organize all of our receipts, bills, report cards, etc in my husband’s den.

  21. I could really use it to limit the clutter in my house as I currently have 4 small and 2 large file cabinets full of stuff that could be thrown away and accessed on the computer.

  22. “Like” The Neat Company on Facebook, (beezhappee (beezhappee(at)gmail.com)- secondary email)

  23. I tend to keep everything “just in case” so this would be great to cut down on all the files

  24. I would LOVE a neat desk for my classroom. I am always searching for papers and working on organizing and collection data. This would make that process so much easier!!

  25. I need this thing, I really do, but my husband is REALLY the one who needs it. Somehow, he has developed a filing cabinet allergy. We always have lots of things that need to be scanned or filed piling up in the office (which is my home office). It would be so cool to get everything cleared up so easily.

  26. I have so many bank statements, tax documents, school documents, etc laying around in my room this would get rid of all the clutter!

  27. I have moved several times over the past 10 years and each time I lose important financial records and documents. Also, I now live in a smaller space and there just is not room to store a lot of things. Having the Neat Desk will allow me to get away from clutter and insure that important records and documents will be available when I need them. I really, really, want to win this.


  28. Our home “office” is really just a desk in the corner of our family room. With two active teenagers and a husband who travels for a living, we have stacks of “important” papers everywhere. Sometimes we can’t sit at the dining room table because of the stacks! The Neat Desk would help us combat the clutter!

  29. I am an email subscriber and I also follow you via Google Reader.

  30. 3 kids and all the school papers and my bills. This could save me hours of looking and sorting. I have to win this NeatDesk.

  31. I would organize everything for my husband’s ministry & our home stuff. I would be a life saver.

  32. I could keep up with all the paperwork from my private business. It would make my business run so smoothly

  33. I would love this for my husband! Perhaps he’d finally get rid of bills from 10 years ago!! This would certainly ease his mind once and for all.

  34. I want a NeatDesk because I am “organizationally challenged.” I would use it to organize my business and my personal life.

  35. I would love it to just get more organized and to get rid of all of these papers surrounding me.

  36. Oh my gosh, I’ve been wanting one of these since I first saw it!!!! I have piles and boxes of paper – business cards, recipes, articles, policies, you name it, I’ve got it. I would love to have the physical clutter gone and everything neatly organized in my computer! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  37. I would like to try the Neat Desk so I can hopefully get rid of some of these loose papers that are everywhere and I can’t seem to throw away

  38. We are trying to clean out, organize and de-clutter in preparation to moving in the coming year. I can see the Neat Desk as a way to help us do that!

  39. I try to keep up with the paper work — but them the mail arrives and it always seems like it piles right back up. This would be a great way to help my desk look clean. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I would love a Neat Desk to be able to clear out my very full file cabinet! This would be amazing and make my life so much more organized!

  41. I try to be organized or maybe I just pretend. This looks to good to be true. I currently use a folder that bulges.

  42. With our desk in the middle of a high traffic area of our home, this product would be very helpful in keeping our home neat and organized.

  43. Need this for organizing…love the search functions also to be ready for tax season…cut down on paper is always a good thing for mess and the environment as well.
    Thank You

  44. I would use it for scanning receipts, bills, etc. We are drowning in papers, receipts, etc in our office. What a fabulous idea!

  45. I would love to have a NeatDesk b/c it would greatly improve my organization skills. I have a HUGE & UGLY filing cabinet beside my computer desk that is busting at the seems will all kids of important paperwork and when it gets too full it gets unloaded into boxes and put into our storage buildings = you can never find anything!! It would be awesome to keep all of this on digital files and clean up my room and my paperwork. Thanks for the chance!
    Kelly D. ~ dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. I like The Neat Company on facebook. (Kelly Deaton)
    Kelly D. ~ dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  47. I want neat desk to declutter my home office. My husband works at home much of the time, and this would help a lot!

  48. We just moved to a smaller place and don’t have room to store all our files. This would really help with going digital! Then I could recycle all my piles of paper!

  49. I don’t have an office. Instead everything goes on our kitchen table and then we fight to find a place to eat. This would simplify all my papers and clear up the clutter.

  50. Four of us share one big messy desk in my home. I work from home, coupon a lot, and home school. The Neat Desk would help with the clutter!

  51. My husband loves collecting and analyzing data…gas mileage, amount saved at grocery stores, etc. I like to keep my children’s school papers so between the two of us, we keep lots of paper! The Neatdesk sounds like a dream come true for us. We can scan in all the info we want, get rid of the paper, and have the data ready for analysis.

  52. I’d use it to scan all my important papers that I need to keep on hand and available to look at (like bank statements) but don’t want cluttered all over my office.

  53. I would love to have one of these because my desk is a mess with papers, in fact the papers are in three places in my house. My husband is deployed and everything is left for me to do and this would help SO much.

  54. I would use the neat desk to organize all my work and volunteer activities. It would be great to have everything in one place and easily accessible!

  55. I would scan all my important papers and bills, I could keep up with my budget on spreadsheets. i would be so organized.

  56. I would use it to stay organized. I don’t have a lot of space, it makes it hard to keep paperwork organized.

  57. This is an amazing machine,I would so love this,i could do away with the filing cabinets,organize all my recipes ,the possibilities are endless,I am so excited

  58. I want a NeatDesk because I want an easier way to get ready for tax time! I would use it to organize the receipts from our farm expenses to make it faster and easier for our accountant to prepare our tax returns.

  59. I am already an email subscriber! Thank you for doing all the work for me and sharing your fabulous finds!!

  60. Would love to win this, since it will make my taxes to be done so easily. Hubby would love it 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Entry #1: I would like to organize my papers and receipts better and this would do the trick – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  62. Entry #3 ~ I liked The Neat Company on Facebook (Paul T….emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  63. I would love to win the neat desk for my dad. He has wanted one for a long time now but financially he has not been able to splurge to get one.

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