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The Breast Cancer Index Test

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Biotheranostics, Inc. (Breast Cancer IndexTM). Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I’ve been sharing with you my partnership with the maker of Breast Cancer Index and how very important it is that we as women take care of ourselves.

It’s that whole “put your own oxygen mask on first” thing. 

Learn more about Biotheranostics (the maker of Breast Cancer Index Test

These past few months during this pandemic have really magnified for me the importance of not only taking care of myself, but WHY I take care of myself. I take care of myself so I can have more time with the ones I love. 

Breast Cancer Index Test Why

Witnessing a dear friend’s struggle through a breast cancer fight these past two years has really opened my eyes to the moments that matter. The time together with our people that give us our “why” is what feeds our soul. 

These quality moments are my why. These people are my why. And I can only imagine that if I was in for the fight of my life these people and moments would be what I was fighting for. 

breast cancer index

Because Not Another Minute.

I’ve been passionate about sharing information about the Breast Cancer Index test because now that I know about this very important option for those facing breast cancer, I want to make sure that everyone who might benefit from learning more about this test has the chance to do so. 

Not only can this test provide women with more knowledge but also can help direct the course of their treatment and the choices that they and their oncologists may have along that journey. 

Breast Cancer Index is the only commercially available genomic test that can:

1) predict whether a breast cancer patient is likely to benefit from antiestrogen therapy beyond 5 years and
2) provide the patient’s individual risk of recurrence after 5 years.

I highly encourage you to learn more and read the intended use and limitations statement here.

Breast Cancer Index Not Another Minute

Why is the Breast Cancer Index Test Important?

When it comes to our health, and the decisions we make, knowledge is always power.

The more informed we are, the better we can serve ourselves in the decision making we will have to face. It’s no secret that we must be our own best advocate, and Breast Cancer Index can help supply important information for those making hard choices and decisions. 

By reducing the fear and uncertainty surrounding treatment decisions for patients and their providers, Breast Cancer Index is an important test for extended anti-estrogen therapy decision-making.

And THAT is what makes this test so important.

Because moments like THIS are important: 

Motherhood and Quality Time is Everything

Because it’s ALL about quality time and not another minute missing out on time with those you love

I think we can all relate to the messaging here. It’s about finding ways to minimize the stress and anxiety of getting answers to treatment questions you might face and it’s about best arming yourself with the information that can help. 

Breast Cancer Index is shifting the paradigm when it comes to breast cancer treatment decisions.

While some women do, nearly 95% of women with HR+, early-stage breast cancer do not benefit from endocrine therapy beyond five years.

100% of women deserve to know what is right for them. Just as Oncotype is the gold standard for determining likelihood of benefit from chemotherapy, Breast Cancer Index is the only commercially available, genomic test that determines whether patients are likely to benefit from anti-estrogen therapy after year five.

My People My Why and the Breast Cancer Index Test

Because Not Another Minute.

Thankfully, I’ve not faced a cancer diagnosis myself but I’ve certainly watched breast cancer affect several women that I love dearly. I’m so thankful to be partnered with a brand that is making a difference for some of the women facing this fight. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis, please share this information with them. Please ask your doctor if the Breast Cancer Index test is right for you and find more information on the Breast Cancer Index website

I know that I will continue to be passionate about sharing this messaging and making sure that other women know and understand that they CAN ask questions and that they do have treatment options and that the Breast Cancer Index test is one of those options. 

Breast Cancer Index Holly Aiken

Also, huge thanks to the folks at Biotheranostics (the maker of Breast Cancer Index) for these awesome gifts, including this custom Holly Aiken bag, how cool is this? 

I know that I personally have been so moved by this information and all that I’ve learned about the process, options and ways that women can take action so that #NotAnotherMinute is wasted NOT doing the things they love. 

not another minute breast cancer index test

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful series that you’ve been sharing – very informative and thoughtfully done. I’ve had a few conversations with friends about this information and appreciate it so much.

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