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STAR WARS Costumes for Pets!

The STAR WARS craze is in full force, and I think that these STAR WARS costumes for pets might be one of my favorite merchandise items yet! I can’t get over how awesome some of these are … and with Halloween right around the corner, the timing could not be more perfect!

Star Wars Pet Costumes

Star Wars Costume Ideas for Pets

Right now, Amazon has a HUGE selection of STAR WARS pet costumes, and here are some of my favorites:

Yoda Pet Costume
Princess Leia Pet Costume
Darth Vadar Pet Costume
Ewok Pet Costume
At-At Pet Costume
Bantha Rider Pet Costume

Some of these are under $10 shipped!

You can of course, get creative and make your own pet costumes, but these will at least give you ideas and inspiration for turning your adorable pooch into an out of this galaxy character. PS – these costumes work for cats too! 

More Star Wars Costume Ideas for Pets


Star Wars Pet Costumes and Ideas for Halloween

Star Wars Merchandise for Humans

For humans, can see the HUGE selection of STAR WARS deals here.  

I can only imagine what the streets are going to look like this Halloween!

I love this We’re Totally the Droids You Were Looking For T-Shirt !


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“Remember, Amazon prices can change at anytime, and if you can find an item when it is reduced in price, it’s a great way to score awesome deals and stock up without even having to leave the house!  Make sure to keep an eye on your “wish list” items: check my latest Amazon Deals and keep an eye out for great Amazon Warehouse deals.”

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  1. We thought it would be a good idea to leave our dog at home while we went trick-or-treating with our kids last year. Turns out, it went poorly…He peed all over the carpet! we aren’t going to risk it this year haha We want to do Star Wars for sure and I think my dog is going to make the perfect Yoda! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Alicia, oh that’s the worst! Glad he gets to go along this year, I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful Yoda and you won’t need to clean the carpets!
    If you do need to clean them, I can’t recommend this spot cleaner enough – my hubby is a veterinarian and we LOVE it!
    It’s called ZOOP and you can find it here: https://amzn.to/3VxvChl AD

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