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I have been traveling a LOT this summer. Thankfully, some of it has been with my family, but I have had to take a few trips for the blog, in which my family was not able to accompany me. I have tried to come up with a few fun ways to help them know that I am thinking of them while I am away, and honestly… I have a blast doing it and I get a big kick out of their excitement over it.

I usually hide a few small treasures (and by small, I mean erasers, pack of gum, quarters, etc) and then I will call them and give them hints as to where their next treasure might be. (*I do jot down the places where I hid things and tuck it in my bag, as the first time I did this I could not remember a few of my hiding spots, lol!)

This last time I had to leave town, I hung this fun clothes line in our dining room. I bought a pack of colored paper bags at the dollar store, and filled the bags with fun little trinkets. From time to time while I was gone, my hubby would let them “pick a bag”. Most of the things in the bags were activities (card game, coloring book, stencils, window art, etc) so this came in really handy for my hubby when he needed to cook dinner or something, as it would give them something fun to do so that he could try to figure out how to use the kitchen. (tee.hee, sorry hun, couldn’t resist 😉 …muah! )

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  1. You are such a good Mom, love the idea as well! Keep the pics coming, its great to see new idaes like this.

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