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Self Care Gifts to Give Yourself for Valentine’s Day

 Gifts to Give Yourself

Self Care Gifts to Give Yourself for Valentine’s Day

Self care gifts can literally be sanity savers, right? Especially since Valentine’s Day has so clearly grown into a retailers favorite holiday! SO much love and how we express our love is often by sharing things we love with the people that we love. 

I’ve been writing about things I love here on the blog for years and I have to say, I’ve learned that a huge part of self care is treating yourself to the little things you love to give yourself that extra (and often much needed) pat on the back for all of the goodness that you put out into the world around you. 

Here are two brands that are in my personal self care line up and I think you’ll enjoy having them in yours too! 

Pura Vida Favorites

Pura Vida Gifts to Give Yourself

Pura Vida has long been one of my favorite brands and it turns out, it’s one of my daughter’s favorite brands too! 

I love that they offer a very affordable gift items that are well made and this is also a brand that has a wonderful give back story behind it. Such feel good products that give off happy vibes! 

1. Pura Vida Friendship Pack

The Pura Vida Friendship pack is always a great buy because you get such a nice assortment of bracelets (10) which means that you will have a nice selection for yourself and maybe even a few to give as gifts. One thing that I love about wearing Pura Vida is sharing them with others. It’s so fun to slip one off your wrist and give to a total stranger. That’s called sharing the Pura Vida love.

2. Pura Vida Tie Dye Clutch

I love practical gifts and this is one that will get used over and over – so feel free to splurge on getting yourself this little clutch, such a great reminder of the awesomeness you deserve. 

3. Pura Vida Hang Loose Earrings

How darling are these? Such a fun and vintage vibe! 

4. Pura Vida Stone Wave Necklace

The wave symbolizes forward movement and this lovely Pura Vida Stone Wave necklace might be the perfect little way to give yourself that small reminder of just how amazing you are. 

5. Pura Vida Rings

I you are someone who loves rings, then you will LOVE Pura Vida Rings!! If you are looking for deals on Pura Vida Rings, make sure to check out the Pura Vida Meadow Ring Stack, it’s one of my favorites! 

I love stacked rings and this set is so on-trend and lovely. Rings are my go-to for completing a look or just putting a little happiness on my fingers every day. 

Pura Vida offers FREE shipping on all orders over $35!

Pura Vida Coupon Code

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Pura Vida Stickers

Wondering how to get Pura Vida Stickers?

You might have seen all of those awesome Pura Vida Stickers? They have an awesome selection of stickers and they are all priced pretty reasonably. I love the Pura Vida Camp stickers, some really cute designs! 

How to get FREE Pura Vida Stickers

Guess what, you’ll also get a FREE Pura Vida Sticker pack with VERY order because PLUS Pura Vida includes FREE stickers with every order!

True Botanicals

Self Care Gifts from True Botanicals

Speaking of self love and self care, True Botanicals is another brand that is a personal favorite.

Such a wonderful line of skin care products that was created out of a passion for developing a better skin care product that is developed, produced, packaged, and shipped to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. 

One of the greatest gifts that I’ve given myself over the last few years has been the gift of self care in terms of how I’m 

6. True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil

This is the True Botanicals product line best seller and with good reason. I’ve got naturally dry skin and I’ve been using this product daily for over a month now with great results. SO hydrating without being too oily and I love the jasmine fragrance! 

7. True Botanicals Repair Serum

I love the earthy smell of this serum and the proprietary True Botanicals Bioferment™ and Tripeptide 29 help to visibly firm and plump skin. Definitely worth the investment in yourself with this one. 

8. True Botanicals Anti Oxidant Booster

A balancing and brightening super blend of antioxidants. Yes, please! The very best kind of self love and self care with this one!

9. True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

I’ve been using this overnight mask for weeks and love the feeling of waking up with refreshed skin. It just feels so good going on and even better after you’ve let it lock in all that moisture overnight. Washing it off in the morning feels so refreshing and invigorating. 

10. True Botanicals Aromatherapy Immune Boost

I love fragrances and this one has just a very fresh, effervescent, and soothing camphorous scent that gives you that extra kick and promises to comfort, smooth and support. 

True Botanicals offers FREE shipping on all orders over $30 and a 30-day guarantee! 

True Botanicals Coupon Code

Looking for a True Botanicals coupon code? I’ve got you covered! Use coupon code: TBAFFILIATE15 to score 15% off your True Botanicals purchase!

Self Care Gifts and the Importance of Gifting Yourself

I’m not someone who needs huge self care moments, but I do think that it’s the little things. You work hard. You deserve the little rewards in life that make you feel good. 

Self care is kind of about recognizing yourself and also realizing that instead of waiting for others to gift you, or recognize you – you can do your best to tend to yourself. While it’s always nice to be appreciated and noticed by others, sometimes the wait can be harder than just standing up and patting yourself on the back. 

Because here is the thing: YOU are awesome. You know this and don’t need anyone else’s confirmation to validate that. 

Giving yourself the gift of self care can be anything from sneaking off to see a movie that you’ve been wanting to see, a massage or splurging on that skin cream that you’ve been dying to try.

What are YOUR favorite self care splurges? 

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