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Self-Care Means Prioritizing Breast Care ALL Year Long

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Biotheranostics, Inc. (Breast Cancer Index TM). Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
Even in a crazy year like this, there are things you can always count on. With the changing of the seasons we encounter familiar things, and for October that means breast cancer awareness month. We are reminded of all of the breast cancer stories, ongoing research and of course, the reminders to get those mammograms! 
While the heightened awareness is great, what about the rest of the year? 
Sadly, breast cancer doesn’t recognize special holidays or seasons – in fact, it has no manners at all. This is all the more reason that while we support and uplift breast cancer awareness and education more in October, we need to be diligent in our support and self-care ALL.YEAR.LONG.
As October fades into the busy holiday season, it’s so easy let things slide.
However, it’s still SO important for women to do their monthly exams, to schedule their mammograms and (if a cancer patient) to do all of their checkups and follow-ups with their doctors.
Women are stretched thinner than ever during the pandemic, and doctors are anecdotally sharing that women have been putting off screenings and even missing appointments for follow-up care.
Is it fair to say that while it won’t be on the calendar, we really should make EVERY month a breast cancer awareness month and remembering the importance of women prioritizing their health all year long. 
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Steps for Breast Cancer Prevention (or early diagnosis) 

Last month I shared with you my thoughts on the importance of self-care and the month before that I shared with you my friend Tina’s cancer journey and her advice on how to support a friend through a cancer diagnosis. Of course, these two things go hand in hand and the very top priority should be talking care of yourself. 

Schedule Regular Breast Cancer Screenings

One of your best defenses in catching breast cancer early is to schedule your regular mammogram screenings. Make a habit out of getting that appointment on the calendar every year. 

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Eat Healthy / Stay Hydrated / Exercise 

While no actions can promise prevention, we do know that eating healthy, getting exercise and maintaining a healthy weight is always in our best interest. 

Know Your Family History

While knowing your family history can’t reduce your risk of breast cancer, it can provide valuable information for your doctor in your breast health and care. 

Practicing Self Care

Perform Breast Self-Examinations Regularly

By being vigilant with self-exams you can stay on top of any changes. This would provide a great opportunity to catch something early. If you do notice any changes in your breast, be sure to consult your doctor. 

Be Informed

And of course, information is power. Talk to other women. Talk to your doctor. Ask the questions, all of the questions. Because: 

Breast Cancer Index Research

I’ve been so thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with the maker of Breast Cancer Index and to have shared this information with you these past few months. 

If you know someone facing a breast cancer diagnosis, please refer to the Breast Cancer Index website for more information about the Breast Cancer Index Test and how it might be relevant to their situation. 

Not only can this test provide women with more knowledge but it also can help direct the course of their treatment and the choices that they and their oncologists will make along that journey. 

Breast Cancer Index is the only commercially available test that can both: 

1) predict whether an early-stage, HR+ breast cancer patient is likely to benefit from antiestrogen therapy beyond 5 years and
2) provide the patient’s individual risk of recurrence after 5 years.

So please, remember this information should you or anyone you love ever find themselves in a position where this might be useful. 

(*more information here *bit.ly/IntendedUseAndLimitations )

Breast Care and Self Care All year Long

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