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HOT Deals on Squishmallow Slippers

One of the biggest hits this holiday season with kids of all ages are the Squishmallow slippers! The fluffiest house slippers you’ve ever seen and a great gift idea and the perfect way to keep feet warm in the upcoming winter days!

assortment of Squishmallow slippers in a variety of styles and colorsEven better, we are seeing huge price drops on these plush toys and ultra-soft slippers. Made with that signature marshmallow coziness that Squishmallows are known for, these slippers are made with a plush soft foam stuffing that makes them ultra comfortable!

The best part? We saw a huge price drop in these slippers. Such a great Christmas gift idea but even better if you can wait until after the holidays. We love to give gift cards for this very reason and then not only can the kids get a pair of Squishmallow slippers but they can probably afford some additional Squishmallows accessories as well!

Where to buy Squishmallow Slippers and Squishmallows?

So many retailers carry Squishmallow merchandise, but here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Walmart
  2. Claire’s
  3. Walgreens
  4. Target
  5. Amazon
  6. Kohl’s
  7. Five Below

Where else have you spotted these popular Squishmallows?

We’ve seem them at their lowest when they partner with limited time deals like those we see at Claire’s where you can buy 3 get 3 free, or similar Claire’s coupon codes or deals. You might also find additional savings on eligible purchases so make sure to check out each retailer’s website for the very best coupon code offerings, sales and deals on Squishmallow products.

Deals and Squishmallow Slipper Sales

The best part about shopping for these popular Squishmallow slippers now is that there are SO many sales and deals on them right now!! Check the links above for our favorite Squishmallow deals!

Styles of Squishmallow Slippers

There are so many styles of these fun Squishmallows! You’ll find a Cow, Dragon, Sasquatch, Kevin the Koala, Lola the Unicorn, Michaela the Leopard, Hans the Hedgehog, a Cheetah, Smores and even Avocado Toast slippers!! I promise you, the styles are endless! 

Are there Squishmallow Slippers for Adults? 

Yes! There are Squishmallow slippers for adults and all ages! Who wouldn’t love these fun squishy slippers? If you are shopping Squishmallow Slippers for adults, then you will definitely want to check out the Walmart Squishmallow Slippers as I believe they have the best selection of Squishmallows slippers for adults. 

box of 3 Squishmallow plush toys

Squishmallows at Walmart

You can see the entire line of Squishmallow products at Walmart. Shoppers can often find them on clearance or rollback and we love the size and style variety. You can shop Squishmallow Squad favorites by category and you’ll also find the Squishmallows best sellers on the Walmart site as well. 

What we love about Squishmallow Slippers?

Not only are they super cozy, cute and comfy but they have those little plastic dots on the bottom which gives them a bit of traction on wood floors. One of my biggest pet peeves are when slippers are slippery, that’s no fun!

You can shop adult Squishmallow slippers right on the Walmart site – you’ll find all of the Squishmallow slippers in kid sizes too!

pack of Squishmallow Squishville plush toys for kids

Other Products in the Squishmallow product line

If you have a child that is Squishmallow obsessed then you will no doubt be introduced to the other products in the Squishmallow merchandise line. Product sister lines include Squishville plush sets and Squishmallow Fuzzamallow plush items. Let’s just say that your options are basically unlimited when it comes to collecting Squishmallows. If you are looking for the best place to buy Squishmallow toys, then I suggest making a list of the ones that you want, and searching the stores listed above. We have found Walmart to be the very best source for not only selection but also price.

Don’t forget, if you are shopping with Walmart+ you will get free shipping (or home delivery with no delivery fee) as part of your Walmart Plus membership! Make sure to check out our other favorite current deals and gift suggestions!

Squishmallows on Amazon

You’ll also find Squishmallows on Amazon so make sure to shop and compare prices, as they are changing faster than we can share them! 

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