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Best Gift Idea for Grandparents: Nixplay Digital Frames Review

best gift idea for grandparents

Best Gift Idea for Grandparents: Nixplay Digital Frames Review

*Disclosure: This Nixplay Digital Frames review was done in partnership with Nixplay. All opinions are 100% my own.

Looking for the best digital photo frame for grandparents? I’ve got you covered on this one – as it’s still one of my very best gift giving moments!

Last Christmas my brother and I nailed with with the gift giving. I’d like to take credit, but I actually think it was his idea to get the grandparents (our parents) these Nixplay Digital Frames. For the first time I think in forever, we gave our parents a gift that they are STILL using 9 months later and not just using, but LOVING!

Here’s how it works. When you give someone a Nixplay frame, it’s pretty much plug and play, which is wildly important in this not too tech savvy family of mine. The grandparents plug the unit in and my brother and I (and anyone else who adds them as a contact in the Nixplay App) can send them photos anytime, from anywhere. 

I’m a HUGE fan of sharing favorite holiday gift ideas as you might know from my annual gift guides, and I think this is the BEST gift idea for Grandparents! Such a neat way to send photos and my parents even use this to send photos to themselves when they travel, it’s just a very neat and simple piece of technology that also happens to become and very sleek addition to any decor.


Nixplay Digital Frames Review

I will also tell you this. BEFORE we originally purchased the Nixplay frames for our parents, I had reviewed a digital frame (from another brand) that I ended up NOT sharing, it was just not a great user experience. So, I actually went into the purchase of the original Nixplay units a bit skeptical, and was so completely impressed that I reached out to the folks at Nixplay to partner with them in sharing these products with you as (literally) my pick for BEST gift for grandparents!

In partnership with the folks at Nixplay, I’m sharing a few details and options about these products with you today. You can see all of the Nixplay frame options on the site here, but the two that we have reviewed are the Nixplay Lux and the Nixplay Seed 10.1.

Nixplay Screen options

First of all, you’ll notice how nicely these products look on display. There are so many frames and options available, something for every decor. Nixplay also offers a nice selection of frame sizes. 

How Nixplay Digital Frames Work

Nixplay Controller

Each Nixplay comes with a wireless remote that easily allows you to turn it on and off and also scroll through the photos and adjust the settings to the different display options. Set up is super easy, which is another reason I love this as a gift idea for grandparents. 

Nixplay Screen

As you can see, these Nixplay frames are such a fantastic way to send, save and store memories. In this world of so much technology, this is still a pretty simple way to stay connected. While I’m suggesting this as a great gift idea for grandparents, it’s also a fantastic gift for just about anyone on your list. It would be wonderful for students going off to college, extended family … so many neat ways to use these frames!

Where to Purchase Nixplay Digital Frames

You can find a really nice selection of all Nixplay frames, along with a wonderful range of prices and options on Amazon. 

Other GREAT Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Sometimes gifts for grandparents are hard to come up with – you want something practical but also, you want something that shows your love. My very best (EVER!) grandparent gift was the year that I gifted my mom a StoryWorth book membership. That gift experience turned out to be truly one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received in return. 

If you’re still stumped for the perfect grandparent gift idea, make sure to check out my gifts for grandparents guide – it’s full of other fun ideas and favorites!

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