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The All New Nissan Rogue 2021: Versatile, Practical and Sleek


In partnership with Nissan, I’m so excited to share with you my review and experience with the new Nissan Rogue 2021. Hailed as a compact SUV, this vehicle is such a wonderful combination of all of the things and you can tell that a lot of thought went into both design and function. 

I was pretty excited to test drive the Nissan Rogue as the very first vehicle I purchased was a Nissan and she was a gem. 

Let’s start with first things first.

My Nissan Rogue Test Drive

The Exterior of the Nissan Rogue

I hate to keep using the same word to describe this car but it’s constantly on the tip of my tongue: SLEEK. 

The Nissan Rogue 2021 has such a sleek and sharp classy look it it. Very striking and I especially love the red color of the Rogue that I tested. 

As you can see, the contours and lines on this car are really outstanding and I really love the trim features on the Rogue.

Nissan Rogue Red

Pretty, powerful and practical!! If you are looking for a family friendly vehicle, I’d push you to check out the 2021 Nissan Rogue. Please let me know if you have any questions and definitely check out my video review below to learn more about the all NEW Nissan Rogue!

Nissan Rogue SUV

Nissan Rogue Review

Rogue Side View

Nissan Rogue Front Headlights

The Interior of the Nissan Rogue

Packed with technology, this is such a family friendly vehicle that also happens to offer so many features that will make life easier for families – especially busy on the go families! 

Right away, the very first thing that jumped out at me about this vehicle, aside from the sleek appearance, is how comfortable it is! 

Front Seats in the Nissan Rogue

Not only are these leather seats gorgeous, they are so comfortable and luxurious. In fact, the front interior space is both roomy and so well thought out. I was a bit blown away at how well they were able to utilize this space and how many awesome features it has. 

Nissan Rogue Steering Wheel

Another of my favorite Nissan Rogue 2021 features? The heated steering wheel! As simple as that is, it’s COLD here in Idaho and wow – that’s a cool (hot!) feature! 

Nissan Rogue Front Dash

Nissan Rogue Console

Favorite Center Console Features

But the fancy features don’t end there. A well thought out center console means lots of extra storage, a wireless charging pad, two UBS ports, cupholders and an electric shift lever that is unlike any I’ve seen. 

And of course, everyone wants to know about the digital display features in the Nissan Rogue. Want tech? It’s all readily available and at your fingertips in the Nissan Rogue.

No shortage of innovation there either – the 2021 Nissan Rogue features a trifecta of digital display including a digital dashboard, head-up display and a large touch screen display that serves as rear camera assistance (with two views), sound system control and navigation hub. 

Nissan Rogue Rear Camera Demo

I share more on these features in my video review of the 2021 Nissan Rogue but let’s just say, this vehicle takes innovation to the next level!

Back Seating in the Nissan Rogue 2021

While the 2021 Nissan Rogue has an endless amount of perks for the driver, the passengers have it pretty good too!

With room for five, this vehicle truly has a family friendly interior! The back seat is so roomy and includes seats with two recline positions and wide opening doors for easy access (Hey baby mamas!! No more twisting and contorting your body to get those carseats buckled in!!) 

The back row also features heated seats and ac controls for passenger comfort and some really neat pull up / down sunshades on the windows.

Favorite Nissan Rogue Features: Storage and Motion Activated Back Hatch

However, one of the stand out features for me with the new Nissan Rogue is the motion activated back hatch. Huge mom win here, and I can’t imagine how incredibly handy that could be at those times when your mom (or dad) hands are full of ALL the things! 

SO much Smart Storage in the Nissan Rogue 2021

You’ll see more on that feature in my video review as well but it’s as simple as the fact that the back gate opens quick and easy with just the kick of your foot under the back tailgate. Warning: it’s kind of a powerful feeling so don’t be shocked if you find yourself swinging those hips a little when you kick for that activation! 

Speaking of smart features, the Nissan Rogue also features some incredibly smart storage! The pop up dividers to create containment spaces are brilliant, and make travel, errands or even just daily run arounds simple and easy and organized.

Best of all, I love that the back storage area transitions happen simply with sliding movements or simple levers so you aren’t smashing your finger (or wrecking your new manicure!) when you are moving things around. 

*Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. Always secure cargo. Heavy loading of  the vehicle with cargo, especially on the roof, will affect the handling and stability of the vehicle.

Nissan Rogue 2021 Crossover SUV

Test Drive of the Nissan Rogue 2021

Now for the drive details. I’m all about comfort and I’m a sucker for bells and whistles but at the end of the day, it’s got to be about drive quality.

I put this Nissan Rogue to the test in some icy and wintery Idaho driving conditions and with cozy warm hands (thank you heated steering wheel!) I was able to test drive around town, in the mountain areas and I even had some interstate drive time. 

Test Driving the Nissan Rogue 2021

As an Idaho girl born and raised, I’ve driven in winter conditions all my life. I feel like the Nissan Rogue gave me the confidence of a larger SUV, without being a larger SUV. Solid and responsive, the Rogue made me feel safe and secure in every situation. 

Taking the Nissan Rogue for a Drive

I personally really like the size of the Nissan Rogue, especially when driving in town. It’s large enough for a family (with tons of room in the back) but it’s also the perfect size for getting in and out of parking lots, traffic jams and drive-thru lines. 

Side View of the Nissan Rogue

I’d also like to mention the camera system again because you don’t really realize just how helpful that feature is until you actually need it. The extra angles and views that this camera system offers are so helpful and potentially life saving.

The smart technology in the Nissan Rogue provides additional awareness about your surroundings and potential dangers including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear automatic braking, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and more. 

Love the Nissan Rogue

I love sharing product reviews with you – hopefully they help you to make informed consumer decisions. Make sure to follow She Saved on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest where I’ll be sharing more of my favorite moments in the Nissan Rogue 2021! 

A Walkaround and Video Review of the 2021 Nissan Rogue

2021 Nissan Rogue Crossover SUV Walkaround and Review

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